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Home is not just a place it’s a” Heaven”. It is a place where you live happily with your family. A place where you enjoy, feel comfortable, relax, and calm. Home, where you grew up; every corner of your house weaves your good or bad memories.
But as you grow older, your home gets older too and at that time your home needs renovation to look more modern and dazzling. Remodeling gives a touch of newness to your house. It makes your space more attractive, and functional as well as increases the asset value.
There are a number of companies available in the market that claim to offer you the best home remodeling services, but selecting the right remodeling companies is very important to materialize your expectations.
If you are still struggling for the right remodeling companies then don’t, we are here to help you out. The elegant home is a full remodeling service company that is based on his unique design and idea and this will take the project to the next level. We provide a number of services such as:
We have 15 years of experience with skilled trainers.
We keep transparency with our clients to build good relationships.
Our company gives different types of renovation services at a fair budget and experts redesign the house in the least conceivable time.

Are you searching for affordable exterior trim repair in Kensington? Don’t look further

Elegant homes are always there to make your dream true. As a leading company, we have specialization in all sorts of affordable exterior trim repair in Kensington services. We have designed our exterior trim service to protect your home. Our services help you to protect your home from mold and mildew as well as weather-related problems like sun and rain. After the exterior trim, we can ensure that your dream home will look aesthetic for a long time. We offer two types of trim to our customers; one is PVC trim and another is composite trim.’ PVC’ trim gives an attractive look to your house but it consumes time, however ‘Composite trim’ is very expensive but requires less time as well as saves money and time.

  • We always care about the happiness of our customers so we don’t install typical wood trim on the exterior of their houses because soon it will start to rot.
  • We install a different type of plastic trim that does not get easily rot or damage like wood.
  • We have a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating with zero complaints.
  • James Hardie exterior trim and siding products don’t crumble and break down as compared to other fiber cement products.

Our skilled trainers do high-quality work to accomplish the needs and expectations of our clients. We are committed to delivering the highest quality exterior trim to our customers so that they can enjoy their homes for years to come.


Affordable deck repair in Kensington

The Exterior of a house is the part with the most critical impression on visitors. Decks are the ideal place to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. If you are thinking of spending time on your deck in this warm summer then be sure your deck is stable and in proper condition. Sometimes, like not being maintained for a long-time, the deck becomes cracked and damaged.

Is your deck becoming rough or unstable? Do you look for an affordable deck repair in Kensington?

  • Don’t look further, just give a call to our master technicians and ask them to perform a task for you. Common repairs include replacing boards, reinforcing boards, railing, and fixing the structural support, and all these are done at affordable prices.
  • Sometimes we resurface the deck by replacing the board and by including other wooden materials, the damaged deck becomes new the way you want and this can be done within a few days.
  • One of our experts will check the deck, posts, header, and where it is attached to the house. by adding some bracing board or hardware, your deck becomes new and strong

Affordable new deck in Kensington

Any season whether it is summer or winter, no bad time to enjoy your moment with a well-designed deck. A deck is a place where you can enjoy the eternal beauty of nature with friends and families and maybe even watch the stars. But over the year your deck gets damaged by the threat of sun, rain, and even foot traffic. A new deck will look beautiful and that will substantially increase the value of your home.
The best way to cut down the cost of your new deck is to choose cost-effective material. With the help of an experienced deck designer and contractors, you can give a wow look to your deck on a minimum budget.
Let’s keep the budget low of the deck and enjoy the high moment with a few tips:–

  • Affordable deck material—the best way to cut down the kitchen remodeling cost in Kensington of your new deck is to use cost-effective material. Sometimes the low cost of materials will give a new look to your old deck and will run for a long time.
  • Pressure- Treated Pine—it is the most usable and inexpensive material that you can easily get from the market. It is widely used in construction projects and lasts for many years. It is easy to paint and coated and this will match the style of your house.
  • Redwood- redwood is also less expensive which you can also opt for. The color of the redwood is very attractive. Redwood takes stains well and is easy to assemble and even it is easy to cut and attached.
  • Sustainable option—wood is easy to get and purchase. We also have some affordable material options such as bamboo, that grow easily and replenished and are excellent materials for deck making.
  • Composite deck—It is a highly recommendable deck that can protect your deck from water, insects, warping, and fading. This deck can run around 20 to 30 years long as compared to other normal wood planks.

Affordable home front porch in Kensington

A front porch is the face of your home. A porch is a place where you can talk with your neighbors, and friends, see the passers and enjoy the beauty of the outside. It is an ideal spot where you can enjoy your morning tea or coffee with the sunrise. It is a perfect place to entertain your guests, even when you want to honor social distance.
Here, we have many ideas to get an attractive porch on a budget:-

  • Hang some drapes— Sometimes adding colorful fabric can make the ordinary front porch extraordinary. Some simple rod and drapery panels add immeasurable pattern, style, and texture.
  • Apply paint—you can totally transform your porch by using paint. Paint the floor that compliments your house color.
  • Add a swing porch—a front swing porch gives a classy look and a new look and added comfort. In retail, you will get many styles of swing porches.
  • Cover the floor with carpet—find indoor/outdoor carpets according to your choice. Different patterns and textures will add to the value of the porch.
  • String light-if you want to add extra ambiance to your front porch then replace the builder light and consider a string light. Nice light makes you feel romantic.
  • Install ceiling fan— ceiling fan makes the front porch cool and comfortable during summertime. Sitting on your affordable home front porch in Kensington with your favorite book, a cup of tea, and the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan above would feel nice.
  • Refurbish your furniture—if you don’t want to expend money on new furniture then it will be a good idea to use spray paint. Add some colorful cushions or recover your old ones with remnant fabric.
  • Placed flower pot—one of the best ideas for a summer fresh porch is adding a flower pot and hanging basket. It will always give the feeling of freshness.

Affordable screen porches in Kensington

To protect the basic structure of the house for a long period of time, we apply a protective layer all over the house’s outside structure. This protective layer is known as siding. The use of sliding material depends upon the location and the look one wants for their home. The main purpose of any home is to protect the house from any outside threat of animals, insects, bugs, or any climate condition.
Today there are many companies that provide sliding services, but here we will discuss Elegant Homes services, which do sliding repair at affordable prices. Also, we have the best customer review and this proves that we are quality oriented than the rest.
Different types of sliding repair at an affordable price are:

Do you want a screen porch to enjoy the beauty of the outside?

We can do that. Every company has its own style, and when it comes to customizing your screen porch, there won’t be a shortage of features or styles to choose from when constructing the porch. Whatever you have a vision for your screen porch, our trained professional has the ability to accomplish your needs. We can make your porch safe, secure, and secure.
Here, we have more popular and affordable screen porches in Kensington.

  • Fiberglass screening is an affordable option for screen materials, offering excellent visibility due to its lack of glass. This type of screening is commonly used on screen porches as it is resistant to wrinkling and highly adaptable for easy installation.
  • Sun control screening is ideal for use in hot summer weather, as it blocks the sun’s glare and helps to keep the porch cool while also keeping out bugs. This type of screening allows sunlight to pass through without damaging the porch’s exterior aesthetic.
  • Pet-resistant screening is a durable alternative to conventional screening, making it an ideal choice for pet owners. Though slightly more expensive and with lower visibility than regular screening, it can be installed along the lower half of the wall to protect against pet damage.
  • Prefabricated screen panels offer a ready-made solution for those looking for outdoor privacy with some light and insect protection. These screens come in a wide range of designs and materials to suit various preferences.
  • Screening requires no spline technology for porch installation and boasts an invisible screen that gives the porch a clear appearance. It is available in four colors (white, bronze, sand, and clay) and can be used on any smooth surface for easy installation.

Affordable siding repair in Kensington

To protect the basic structure of the house for a long period of time, we apply a protective layer all over the house’s outside structure. This protective layer is known as siding. The use of sliding material depends upon the location and the look one wants for their home. The main purpose of any home is to protect the house from any outside threat of animals, insects, bugs, or any climate condition.
Today there are many companies that provide sliding services, but here we will discuss Elegant Homes services, which do sliding repair at affordable prices. Also, we have the best customer review and this proves that we are quality oriented than the rest.
Different types of sliding repair at an affordable price are:

  • PVC siding—Polyvinyl Chloride siding is stronger than Vinyl siding. The look of both sliding is similar but PVC needs low maintenance. PVC is known for durability and termite free.
  • Timber Siding—It is also known as wooden siding and a variety of options are available. The look of wood adds to the value of your house. However, wood is sensitive to termites, so they are considered highly maintained. The design seems beautiful from the outside and is equally difficult to maintain.
  • Masonry Siding – This siding means “Stonework and Bricks”. Either stone veneers or solid stones are used in Masonry Siding. Interlock should be done properly and structured so that it runs for a long period of time. It is difficult to uncast, once it is cast. It is a heavy-weight stone and tends to reduce the area of your house.
  • Stone Siding— Stone siding looks stunning and it is very expensive. It is not the cup of tea to install and may not be suitable for each household. It requires proper maintenance.
  • Stucco Siding—It is a cement-like mixture that is used on the external part of the home. Before applying it, we need to dry it first. It is long-lasting and after many years it may get pale in color.

Siding Replacement in Kensington

Your home needs siding to protect against pests and harsh weather. It is like an exterior windbreaker that helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. When your siding gets damaged or old it reduces the value of your house. If it’s time to have your siding replaced or to check the damage, get in touch with us.
Our expert technician can fix any type and design of siding. Our experts mostly work on Cement Fiber Board, Vinyl, and Wood.

  • Cement Fiber Cement- It is a new product in the market for home exteriors. It is considered the best material for houses and is in high demand as compared to wood and vinyl. It offers high durability and needs less maintenance with its ability to withstand weathering for years without any rot and decay.
  • Vinyl Siding—it comes at an affordable price with minimum care for your home. This material is easy to repair but matching the right product would be challenging.
  • Wood Siding- it is a beautiful and durable material. Every five years it needs maintenance like painting and staining.

Affordable home additions garage in Kensington

If you have an old house, without a garage, and planning for a new home with a detached garage then no look further. We are here to help you. It is affordable and easy work to add a garage to your house and this will increase the value of your property.
We have some options that we offer to our customers:-

  • The house designer—The home designer has unique and amazing plans for your small and big house. We first try to understand the requirements of the customer. We always try to complete the project on time with a minimum price.
  • Start from the Basic—first we thought about you and your needs. How many cars are in your family? What kind of additional garage are you looking for? All these questions help us to customize your garage space.
  • Add some living space—Some people construct living spaces by extending their garages instead of building new structures. This provision is cost-effective as well as it utilizes the spaces in a better manner in case people have shorter space available.

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Kensington

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is a focal point of any house. This is a place where families and friends come together to celebrate, catch up, cook, and more. But when we need to remodel a home, the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to get a makeover. Kitchen remodeling means upgrading your kitchen by removing old and useless things and transforming it into a trendier and classier look.
If you are looking for kitchen remodeling companies in Kensington? Do you think it’s time to makeover your kitchen?
You are a few miles away from us. Elegant home has been designing an elegant and exquisite kitchen in Kensington. We have 30 years of experience and become the first choice for the customer. Our highly skilled trainer can design your kitchen beautifully and make it more functional. Our experts will connect with you from the start of the project till to the finish. Our comprehensive range of kitchen remodeling services included:

  • Custom Cabinet design
  • Countertop and Backsplash Installation
  • Floor Installation
  • Reconfigured Layout
  • New Lighting Fixtures
  • Kitchen island Installation


  • Crystal Custom Cabinetry
  • Omega Cabinetry
  • Poggenpohl Cabinetry


  • Caesar stone countertops
  • Pewter countertops
  • Stainless steel countertops


  • Bosch appliances
  • Blue star appliances
  • Wolf appliances

Kitchen Remodel Contractors

If you want to make your kitchen more functional or boost its resale value, the renovation idea will help you. But it is a tricky job to choose the right contractor to transform your home at a fair price. It all depends on their qualification, services, and work experiences. We have a few tips to choose the right contractor for kitchen remodeling:

  • Difference between General contractor or skilled contractor- before choosing any contractor be sure that they should have a contractor licensed through the state to ensure their work quality General contractors handle a broad variety of projects and have more experience in adjacent buildings like earthwork, masonry, and roofing that skilled contractors don’t do. Skilled contractors focused on the renovation of the kitchen. They have a variety of kitchen designs that’ll help you to accomplish your dream, what you are looking for. They will guide you properly and complete the project on time.
  • Credential—ask the contractor for his/ her license number or certificate of insurance. follow up to verify that they are in good standing. Contact the insurance company to verify that the coverage is current.
  • Services kitchen remodeler offers- kitchen remodeler contractors will view your project from start to end. The contractor scheduled and coordinated the whole project, including their both self-employed and subordinates.

We have the best and top-level kitchen remodeling contractors near Kensington. Whether your kitchen is small or big, it doesn’t bother us, we handle all kinds of projects. We also work with local homeowners and help them in designing their kitchens. Our main purpose is to make the customer happy with our quality work. We provide the best kitchen remodeler near you because we always focus on your expectations and style.
We have some work ideas that can fit your vision:

Kitchen Backsplash—backsplash is used to protect your wall and appliances. You can choose a subtle countertop backsplash or a bold look with colored glass tiles.
Kitchen Countertops—it is time to work on your kitchen countertops. Marble, black wood chopping, and vinyl can make your kitchen countertops attractive.
Kitchen Cabinets—if your kitchen cabinet reduces the value of your house then we have some ideas for you. We have a variety of kitchen cabinets that can give a new and modern look to your house.

Cost of kitchen remodeling in Kensington:

People in Kensington invest lots of money to make their outdated kitchens beautiful and functional again. Kitchen renovation planning can be a challenging task. Before planning a kitchen renovation, one thing comes to your mind,” How much will my kitchen remodel cost? ” and this can bother you more. We are here to help you to navigate this question.
The price range for a kitchen renovation varies widely, starting at approximately $40,000 and potentially exceeding $130,000. Several factors influence the total kitchen remodeling cost in Kensington, including the scope of the project, kitchen size, materials used, finishes, appliances, overall design, and the age and condition of the existing kitchen.

For a basic kitchen remodel, you can expect to pay around $40,000, which includes new countertops and backsplash paired with signature cabinets, upgraded lighting, and new flooring.

For a more comprehensive renovation, the average kitchen remodeling cost in Kensington is approximately $70,000. This includes signature cabinets with higher-end countertops and backsplash, extended and upgraded lighting, and new flooring. Additionally, this type of renovation may involve knocking down a wall or other structural changes.

For a truly luxurious kitchen renovation, the high-end cost may reach $130,000. This typically entails a fully custom kitchen with custom cabinets, a new layout, top-of-the-line appliances, high-end finishes, and new flooring.

Bathroom remodeler in Kensington:

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home so it should be well-designed and comfortable and add value to your home.
Transform your bathroom look with the help of elegant homes. We have trusted experts who do all kinds of remodeling. We have highly knowledgeable, valuable skills, and a unique perspective that makes the entire project strong. We always give priority to our customer expectations. We have the ability to customize your bathroom which simply gives a wow! Look to your bathroom. Our team works very hard and their quality work might take your bathroom to the next level. Our experts only focus on style, function, arrangement and structure.

Small bathroom remodel in Kensington quickly and efficiently

We probably think that remodeling a small bathroom will be easy and inexpensive as compared to a large bathroom. But the fact is that you can’t save money as well as time. If your bathroom is small then you have to do some creativity to make it more spacious. think vertically for storage but take care not to overwhelm the eyes.
Limited space can limit your bathroom design. So, if you are searching for bathroom remodel companies in Kensington, then don’t. We will guide you on the best way to achieve a functional, stylish bathroom on a budget.
Here we have a few tips—
Small bathtub- the bathtub is a great function for everyone, either babies or older folks. Small bathtubs can save space in your bathroom.

Storage– Without having storage, a small bathroom will look messy and cluttered. So storage like cabinets, shelving, or basket makes the small bathroom organized and cluttered-free. It saves space in the bathroom too.

Ventilation/ lightning—Ventilation protects the small bathroom from moisture and mold. Adding a window and vent fan will keep your bathroom fresh and dry. And lighting is also as important because it removes darkness from the bathroom and gets rid of any type of mistake happening or accident.

Color and texture— color and texture in the small bathroom always give you a happy feeling. The selection of the right color makes your small bathroom lively and big.
Add a shower niche— if you are designing your tiny bathroom then include a shower niche. It is another way to save space.

Bathroom renovation cost in Kensington

If you belong to Kensington or nearby Kensington in Maryland and you desire to remodel your bathroom, please check your pocket and budget before you make a plan. Bathroom renovation costs in Kensington or Maryland may vary between $6,000 to $16,000 with a national average of $10,788, or about $70 to $275 per square foot as per the survey done by home-improvement site Angi, however, it’s just the inflation rate and availability of the laborer and contractors, there is always a scope of variation in costs by plus minus 25%It’sts on you what contractor you go for and how efficiently you bargain with them because some of the contractors even may quote you till or beyond $ 50000.
Apart from the inflation rate, there are some other influencing factors that affect the bathroom renovation cost in Kensington, which are but not limited to:

  • Material Value
  • Contractor Cost
  • Design you like

If you have a question in your mind about how I can get a bathroom remodeling contractor near me in Kensington or a Bathroom remodeling contractor in Kensington, please read the section below. We are here to resolve all of the queries.

Bathroom Remodeler Company in Kensington

You might have multiple options available as bathroom remodeling companies in Kensington. We are among the top 10%-bathroom remodeling companies or bathroom remodel contractors in Kensington and nearby areas. We not only serve our clients in Kensington but also the entire region of Maryland.
Sometimes homeowners try to work on their bathroom remodeling project by themselves to cut down the bathroom renovation cost in Kensington. In that case, homeowners have to deal with multiple subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. However, the final outcome does not meet their expectation because of multiple reasons, such as:

  • Lack of coordination between subcontractors
  • Each sub-contractors may have their own design and thought process conflicting with others
  • Lack of professional approach by the homeowner as they may not be the expert on it
  • Distributed costs cumulatively may even be far beyond the homeowner’s budget.

We become your one-stop for all of your needs for bathroom remodeling. We extend our services from design to plumbing, electrician, carpeting, flooring, etc., You give your kitchen to us, and we will design your kitchen as a final product, even without your supervision.


Everyone wants to upgrade their old home and transform it into a trendy and classy look. Many people don’t have the tendency to leave their old house as they get addicted to the old house thus, they prefer to remodel their house. Remodeling a house is easy compared to buying a new one. Renovation can increase the life of your house as well as add the value of money. But the whole renovation demands proper planning and time. If you want to makeover your home at an affordable price, I would suggest you trust” Elegant Home.” It is a full remodeling service company and known for its unique design and build process. We have a skilled craftsman who can help you to design your home according to your wish as well as money will also be saved from being wasted.