Relaxation and tranquility. Your new Elegant Homes bathroom will possess these crucial requirements and more. Bring your dreams to us, and we will create an oasis of tranquility that will meet your needs and your budget.

We proudly say that we are coming in best bathroom remodel companies in Gaithersburg, Maryland and also the best bathroom remodeling contractors.

Our design team brings over 30 years of experience. From traditional bathrooms to modern bathroom remodels, we have done them all. Our Service available for both Large and small size bathrooms. At Elegant Homes, Inc, our design team can take the most challenging bathroom space and transform it into a reflection of your taste.

If you’re looking for experienced, skilled, honest, and passionate contractors to create that sumptuous appeal without sacrificing your budget, let our remodeling crew take on your project. Licensed and insured, we’ll build your dream bathroom from the ground up. Call us today to learn more.

What We Do

Our bathroom services include:

  • Bathroom Showers
  • Bathroom Walk-In Tubs
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Bathroom Mirrors

All it takes is a phone call to Paz, the owner for a FREE Estimate, and your dream bathroom is close to reality! Call today to get on the schedule! 301-509-6697.


Bathroom remodeling

The bathroom repair services offered by Elegant Homes Inc. bathroom remodel companies in Gaithersburg can be helpful if your outdated bathroom needs some work. We can update your older bathroom and fix any minor leaks as well as replace the caulking and grout.

With bathroom services that range from shower door repair to changing light fixtures, countertops, and more, we’ll help breathe new life into your bathroom. The bathroom of your dreams can be built with the assistance of our bathroom contractors in Gaithersburg when you’re ready.

Bathrooms are busy places, so you want everything to look great and function well. Whatever the project, our bathroom remodel contractors in Gaithersburg cover all the bases, from faucets to fans, toilets to tile. Select Elegant Homes Inc. because we’ll be there on time, do excellent work, and guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Remodeling and renovating bathrooms
  • Repair and installation of bathroom fans
  • Caulking
  • Drywall Repairs & Finishing
  • Installation & Repair of Light Fixtures
  • Leaks in the Plumbing
  • Repair and installation of shower doors
  • Shower head maintenance
  • Toilet Installation & Repair
  • Installation & Repairs of Tile
  • Installation of bathroom vanities and mirrors
  • Installation of a shower pan

Remodeling and renovating bathrooms

Call Elegan Homes Inc. for a full bathroom remodel in Gaithersburg and renovation if your bathroom is worn-out and old. Your neighborhood home renovation expert can assist with wall demolition, tile flooring installation, and vanity installation. Elegant Homes Inc. is the one-stop shop for all of your bathroom remodeling contractors near me needs, from cabinet installation to painting.


Caulking Tubs with poor caulking allow water to seep behind walls and beneath floors, causing damage to wood and wallboard as well as the ceiling of the downstairs or basement. With expert caulking services from knowledgeable home repair specialists, you can restore your tub’s aesthetics, eliminate water damage, and avoid mold growth.

Drywall Finishing & Repairs

We examine any bathroom drywall that you think may have been harmed by moisture or leaks, and we repair the wallboard in a style that blends in with the decor. We also assist clients by locating the main source of leaks that result in bathroom drywall water damage.

Repair and installation of shower doors

Do you need a new shower door installed or do you need to fix an old one that is leaking water and off its track or hinges? We pledge to be on time and complete work of the highest calibre for your complete satisfaction.

Installation & Repairs of Tile

Have the shower, backsplash, or bathroom floor tiles chipped? It will once again seem brand new with only one contact to Elegant Homes Inc. All types of tile, including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, and glass tile, can be installed, repaired, or updated by your neighbor Elegant Homes Inc.

Installation of bathroom vanities and mirrors

The new vanity is one you’ve chosen. We can handle things from there, whether it has been shipped or is just sitting in the store ready for pickup. We can carefully install your new vanity, efficiently prepare the space for its new dimensions, remove and dispose of your old vanity, and even integrate the plumbing. No trouble, just one easy phone call.

Bathroom Remodeling Price

According to our statistics, a typical “bathroom renovation costs in Gaithersburg” roughly $5,500. The bathroom renovation cost in Gaithersburg can vary from $2,000 to $18,000 depending on the project’s nature and size.

Of course, the size of the bathroom and the scope of the job will affect the final cost of your bathroom remodeling contractors near me for the project. For instance, it will be much less expensive to make cosmetic changes to a powder room than to a large primary bath.

Here is a breakdown of the various sizes and types of bathrooms, as well as how long they typically take, since size is such an important factor in determining cost. Typically, the total price falls between $100 for a small bathroom remodel in Gaithersburg and $200 per square foot for a big bathroom remodeling.

Free Design Assistance

The design specialists at Elegant Homes Inc work with you to create the bathroom of your dreams by helping you select the ideal solutions and creating a design.

Good Materials

We work hard to provide you with the best products available, whether they come from top manufacturers.

Licensed Installation

The installation specialists at Elegant Homes bathroom remodel near me. take care of every stage of your makeover, from removal to installation, in a matter of days, saving you time and hassle.

Extended Warranties

You can feel secure about your happiness, the upkeep of your bathroom, and our long-term warranties.

Why choose us?

For some people, remodeling can be overwhelming, but we make it simple for you. One of your largest investments is your house, so selecting a renovation company for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is a crucial choice. Elegant Homes Inc. Baths has worked hard over the years to establish a strong reputation for its top-notch goods, craftsmanship, and customer support. 100% client satisfaction is our top priority at our locally owned business, and it permeates everything we do. Our clients are aware of our superior craftsmanship and lifetime product warranties, which contribute to our position as an industry leader. You may rely on us to provide excellent service at reasonable costs!

The Excellence Process

We ensure that each customer receives the attention they require in order for their home design visions to come to reality. To ensure consistency in both the end result and the customer’s overall experience, we adhere to the same process for every project.

Our method:

Make an Appointment: Speak with Top Tier Baths to make your free appointment or search for bathroom remodel near me, bathroom remodeling contractors near me, or bathroom remodel contractors near me.

Design consultation at your house: A member of our design team will come to your house, look around the area, listen to your ideas, and give you a free quote that is valid for a full year. During your free consultation, you’ll also get the ability to view samples and go through design ideas.

Pre-Installation Inspection: The Design Consultant will take precise measurements when he is at your house to ensure that the items we order for it will fit your home perfectly.

Installation: Skilled, qualified installers will show up with everything they need to finish your project efficiently and expertly. They never leave a mess behind, so you never have to be concerned.

100% Customer Satisfaction: Take pleasure in your home updates and the security that comes from understanding that you are protected by outstanding warranties. That implies that you can contact us well after the installation is finished.


What is your ROI?

The percentage of project costs that you recovered because the renovation raised the value of your property is the return on investment (ROI) of any home improvement. In this instance, the ROI stands for the potential return on investment of your upcoming bathroom renovation.

The typical ROI for a bathroom remodeling in Gaithersburg and nearby areas is about 59%. This indicates that homeowners typically recoup about 59% of the cost of upgrading their bathroom. Naturally, rather than with actual currency, they achieve this recovery through an increase in house value.

But even if you don’t notice the ROI from the bathroom remodel contractors in Gaithersburg until you’re ready to sell your house, it still exists and is a result of that home improvement. In a sense, the average bathroom remodel contractors in Gaithersburg are roughly 60% cheaper by nature.


What does the renovation procedure entail?

A bathroom redesign can take a lot of labor, work that may require several distinctive and particular duties. For greatest effectiveness and to avoid issues caused, say, by current activities interfering with previously performed chores, it is important to complete these jobs in a specific order.

First, while there is a general order that bathroom remodels follow, it can be altered to better meet the circumstances of a certain project (all of this is fairly flexible).

Phase 1: Creating the foundation

Planning is the first stage in a bathroom redesign because it helps you to carry out each subsequent step successfully. You should decide on your remodeling goals as you plan. With their training to study how you use your space and give recommendations for goals that may be set to ensure your new space suits your lifestyle and preferences, our team of experienced designers can be of great assistance to you with this step.

Setting the scene in phase two
After laying the foundation, it’s time to make space on the floor.

Anything in your bathroom that you want to replace as well as anything that might get in the way of future remodeling work will be taken out by our staff. Before we get to the phase of “in with the new,” you can think of this step as the “out with the old” phase. Some of the “old” can be salvaged whole and, if it’s in good shape, can either be used in your bathroom again or sold for another purpose.

For instance, vanities can frequently be moved without causing any harm. On the other hand, tiles that have been mortared in place would need a stronger hand to pry them off the shower wall or bathroom floor.

To ensure that nothing is taken away that should have remained and vice versa, vigilance is required at all times during this phase. You may be confident that we will successfully accomplish this stage of bathroom remodeling since we have the knowledge and education necessary to exercise the proper caution.

The waterworks are in phase three.
After setting the scene, we may talk about the bathroom’s main water-related components. If old pipes need to be replaced, now is the time to do so. You should also consider replacing or moving any bathroom appliances.

Defining the atmosphere is phase four.
At this stage, we will repair any ripped surfaces and finish them with your choice of wallpaper, paint, tile, or flooring. Or even both; a tile backsplash contrasts beautifully with a recent coating of wallpaper or paint.

Even if the walls and floor weren’t touched during phase three, our crew can redo them. Whatever the initial state of those objects may be, we may update them to give your bathroom a whole new look.

Another option for changing the appearance of the room is lighting. It’s simple to customize the lighting in your bathroom because there are so many different types, colors, and forms of lights.

The key elements in creating the aesthetic ambiance in the bathroom are changes to the lighting, as well as those to the flooring and walls that we have already discussed. In the following stage, we will assist you in making any necessary adjustments to the interior design.

Fifth stage: finishing touches
The baseboards, door trim, faucet, and vanity will all be installed as we complete a bathroom remodel. Do you have any tips for vanity? See The 4 Steps to Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity for more information. We’ll also look for nicks and chips in freshly painted surfaces. After touching up those spots, we’ll complete the design by adding bathroom accessories like towel racks and shelving.

How long will it take to complete the renovation of my bathroom?

The length of the bathroom renovation procedure is determined by a variety of variables. Project magnitude would be the first of these. It will take longer to accomplish the work the more of it there is to perform.

Additionally, intricacy has a habit of making house upgrades take longer. It will take longer to complete the project than a simpler one, whether the project is complicated by nature or becomes so as a result of mid-project discoveries.

Because of this, it’s advantageous to have a skilled professional assist you with streamlining your next bathroom renovation.

Regarding the timeline for renovation, project permits can be required for your remodel. Before work on your bathroom can start, you might need to get a few permits, depending on the municipality where you live.

Without case-specific information, schedule forecasts are unreliable because the components we’ve reviewed differ from project to project.

How do I start implementing my bathroom remodel?

If you’re particularly handy and have opted to complete some or all of the project yourself, your initial step should be to go shopping for materials and supplies.

When doing this, you should take your time and look for the greatest materials at the best prices. Any time you invest now could end up saving you money later. Our cabinetry can be the ideal option for your bathroom if cabinetry is what you’re looking for.

We’d also be delighted to assist you with the actual work. We’ll assist you with any aspect of your upcoming bathroom renovation that you’d prefer not to do alone.

Working with your dependable contractor is an additional strategy for finishing a bathroom renovation. We offer a broad variety of help for contractors, from finding the resources required to turn your vision for the space into reality to project completion.

Of course, working with our staff at Elegant Homes is the third strategy for upgrading your bathroom. You won’t find our personalized design experience at large box retailers. We’ll oversee the entire process of redesigning your bathroom, from start to end. You may relax knowing that our team’s knowledge is working for you. To learn more about how we can start implementing your bathroom plan, contact us right away.

Is it necessary for me to have design concepts in mind before speaking with a Cabinet World designer?

While it is possible to contact one of our designers armed with design concepts, it is not required. While having an idea of the design aesthetics you want can be useful, you don’t have to prepare them before starting our Personalized Design experience. Since it is your bathroom, not ours, our team designs it with you, not for you. This is part of what makes us special. We’re here to brainstorm and improve design concepts with you. Whether you have materials ready to go when you arrive or not, bathroom contractors in Gaithersburg can work with you to design the bathroom of your dreams.

How much light will I need in my bathroom?

Bathrooms technically require enough illumination to illuminate the entire space. Although you require complete illumination in the bathroom, your primary light source need not supply it.

If you supplement your bathroom’s main light source with a few strong secondary lights, you may be able to get away with using a rather faint light source. For this use, think of tiny recessed or above lights.

The additional lighting’s powerful illumination over task areas, such as the vanity and sink, will aid in your ability to concentrate, while the bathroom’s more subdued glow will make you feel extremely at ease. For this haven of self-care, the mix works perfectly..

How can I get my house ready for a bathroom renovation?

It’s a good idea to get your house ready for home improvement work, but it’s not always obvious how to achieve this.

You can get your house ready for a bathroom remodel in a number of ways. Towels, soap dispensers, shower curtains, and other loose items should all be removed from the room as a first step.

Even if the regions where those things go won’t be directly impacted by remodeling work, taking them out of the room will safeguard them from dust and potential harm. Additionally, it will clear the workspace for redesign.

Preparing the area around your restroom in a similar manner is a good idea. For instance, clearing the clutter from the corridor leading to your bathroom will make it simpler to carry supplies and equipment inside.

Additionally, make sure to protect anything that cannot be decluttered. For instance, you can cover a piece of furniture that is inside or close to the bathroom with a cloth or plastic sheet to stop dust from gathering on its surface.

Additionally, there are things you may do at home to assist your family’s animals. Pets can become anxious during home upgrades, but you can keep them at ease by designating a particular area of the house where they can stay quiet and away from the project’s commotion. More advice on how to keep your pets secure and content throughout a remodel may be found here.

What distinguishes a bathroom remodel from a renovation?

Although they are sometimes confused, remodels and renovations are very different.

Renovating your home is a very minor change. They entail changes to the surface level, such new paint or flooring. Although the functionality and physical structure of the room won’t change throughout a bathroom remodel, the look and feel of the space may be completely altered.

Remodeling the bathroom would include making significant adjustments to its layout and/or functionality. The key components of a space are significantly impacted by the remodeling procedure. You might move a wall or modify the plumbing during a bathroom remodel, at which point you could also make the smaller adjustments that we classified as renovations, such as a fresh coat of paint.

Because it will have changed important practical components of the space, your project will still be regarded as a bathroom remodel even if you conduct renovations as part of it.

What goes into both a complete and partial bathroom remodel?

Sometimes, individuals refer to the size of a particular bathroom makeover as “full” or “partial,” respectively.

For instance, when someone mentions a whole bathroom redesign, they might only be referring to how the remodel changed the overall space. Similarly, referring to something as a partial bathroom makeover could just signify that certain areas of the space were changed. These identical phrases, however, are sometimes used to describe particular remodeling services.

At Elegant Homes bathroom contractors in Gaithersburg, provide a complete bathroom makeover package at a reasonable price. The greatest bathroom flooring, lighting, appliance options, and more are included in this package to offer you a brand-new bathroom.

Additionally, we can always work with you on a partial bathroom remodel if that’s what you’d prefer. We can assure you that no matter how you choose to remodel your bathroom, the quality of our service and products is anything but mediocre.

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