Water Damage at Home?
Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration by Elegant Homes Inc.

There may be significant water damage to your property as a result of a storm, flood, or plumbing issue. To lessen the damage, water removal must be done as a way. The experts at Elegant Homes Inc. are trained in water removal, water damage cleanup, and water damage restoration for your home.

Your property’s water damage will be evaluated by our customer focused professionals. They will assist you in determining the extent of the property damage so you can select the best choices for your home’s water damage restoration. To find concealed moisture and remove any standing water, our elite staff uses the most cutting-edge machinery.

Services we offer

Water Damage Restoration:

  • Install new insulation
  • Install new drywall
  • Install trim
  • Install doors
  • Paint all areas
  • Install new carpet or floors.

Water Damage Mitigation:

  • Leaks diagnosis
  • Water extraction
  • Wet drywall removal
  • Wet insulation removal
  • Wet carpet and pad removal
  • Dry wet areas
  • Dehumidified
  • Sanitize
  • Mold remediation
  • Mold testing

Steps in Our Water Damage Restoration and Mitigation Process

  1. Emergency Contact
    When you contact, a representative at Elegant Homes Inc. will walk you through a number of questions that will help us respond to your particular water emergency in the best possible way. Beyond just comprehending your predicament, we’ll need to schedule a time for your neighborhood Elegant Homes Inc. professionals to assess the house and develop a mitigation and restoration strategy just for you.
  2. Inspection and Water Damage Assessment
    When our experts get to your house, they will thoroughly inspect the water damage and explain its severity, any potential dangers, and what can be repaired. We can also help you stop the water damage if that’s what’s needed. All of this is a key stage in developing a strategy that will enable your home to be successfully restored.
  3. Water Removal
    Normally, service work starts with a thorough water extraction. This speeds up drying time and helps stop water from spreading throughout the house. Powerful pumps and extraction machines are typically used to remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water throughout the water removal procedure.
  4. Damaged Material Removal
    You will be informed if any materials cannot be properly recovered. To accelerate the drying of all repaired material, these items are normally taken out as soon as possible.
  5. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Deodorization
    Floors, furniture, and other personal belongings may require cleaning, sanitizing, or deodorization as a result of water damage. To complete this crucial component of restoration, Elegant Homes Inc. professionals employ a combination of specifically designed products, cutting-edge machinery, and tried-and-true methods.
  6. Drying
    Our professionals employ industry-leading drying equipment to get rid of the water you can’t see after the bulk of the water has been removed. To restore materials to their normal moisture level, this will concentrate on the water present in such materials. Typically, this equipment is installed on your property during the initial visit. The kind and quantity of equipment are determined by your particular circumstances and industry standards.
  7. Monitoring
    Our professional will want to stop by your home every day while the drawing is being done to make sure the materials are drying properly, check the efficiency of the drying machine, and make adjustments as necessary. For your property to dry effectively and efficiently, this monitoring process is essential.
  8. Repairs, Installation and Construction
    Following these first steps, your home might require building work to restore it to its pre-loss condition. The next step in the restoration process could involve simple fixes or total home reconstruction. By taking care of both the early damage mitigation and the reconstruction of the affected areas, we can streamline the restoration procedure. One qualified organisation handling the entire process can reduce expenses and save time.

Why choose Elegant Homes Inc. for Water Damage?

  • Highly Qualified Restoration Professionals
    Our experts are trained to restore salvageable items, speed up drying, and record the entire restoration process. We specialise in residential water damage restoration.
  • Customer Care
    In the field of cleanup and restoration, we have experienced experts. After your home has suffered water damage, our experts care about you, your possessions, and your ability to return back to normal.
  • Industry for Cleaning and Restoration
    We have established ourselves as a reputable leader in the restoration sector, and we have areas of expertise in mould, water and fire damage, speciality cleaning, and much more.