Elegant Homes is the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company IN Gaithersburg, Maryland and Surrounding Areas

Elegant Homes Inc is the best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg and surrounding areas. Your search for best kitchen remodeling contractors ends here. Read on to know why our customers have bestowed upon us the title of “Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Gaithersburg, Maryland.”

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it needs to both reflect your vision and be an inviting space to enjoy. We are always incorporating the newest trends and technology to deliver the best features and finishes. Your dream it- we can build it!

We proudly say that we are the best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg, Maryland and also the best kitchen remodel contractors.

At Elegant Homes Inc our in-house design team and the owner will partner with you to transform your kitchen to a functional and inventive space that meets your lifestyle and needs. Our team of experienced craftsmen partners with our customers every step of the way in their makeover journey to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, delivering the highest quality work, on time and on budget.

Now is the time. Let us help turn your kitchen into the kitchen that you love!

We Offer the Best

Our kitchen remodeling services include:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

As one of the top design and best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Maryland, you can be assured the team at Elegant Homes Inc will deliver high quality work. We are your trusted partner and will take care of everything from design to finish. Our team will help with any permits needed and communicate with you every step of the way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our group of loyal, happy customers. Call Paz for a FREE ESTIMATE today! 301-509-6697.


Partner with the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Gaithersburg

Your kitchen remodel contractors in Gaithersburg should both reflect your ideas and be a welcoming room to enjoy because it is the center of your house. To provide the best features and finishes, we constantly incorporate the most recent trends and technologies. We can build everything you can imagine!

The owner and our in-house design team at Elegant Homes Inc. kitchen remodeling companies in Gaithersburg will work with you to change your kitchen into a practical and creative place that suits your needs and way of life. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our team of skilled craftsmen works side-by-side with customers throughout their renovation process. We deliver the highest quality work on schedule and within budget.

The time has come. Let us assist in transforming your kitchen into the one you love!

Your neighborhood kitchen remodel contractors in Gaithersburg Elegant Homes Inc. are prepared to tackle both big and small repairs in your kitchen, whether it be laying tile or installing new cabinetry. The kitchen is, after all, the center of the home. Our trustworthy and skilled kitchen remodel contractors in Gaithersburg will complete the task correctly and on schedule so that your family may resume creating memories.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  • Repair Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Installation & Repair of Countertops
  • Individual Kitchen Islands
  • Faucet Installation & Repair
  • Installation & Repairs of Tile
  • Repair & Installation of Lighting Fixtures
  • Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling
  • Installation and repair of sinks

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

The addition of a backsplash gives your kitchen a polished look. First, think about your color possibilities and material choices. All sorts of back splashes have been installed by our skilled top kitchen remodeler in Gaithersburg, including:

  • Stone & Glass Tiles
  • Painting or wallpapering
  • Stainless steel sheets

Installation and repair of cabinets

Your cabinets will be secure, aligned, and straight thanks to our assistance. Our home improvement specialists will restore your cabinets’ original appearance and functionality, whether they have peeling laminate or damaged hinges. Our skilled handyman will make your vision a reality whether you’re raising or repairing an existing cabinet or installing brand-new ones. Our Done Right Guarantee gives you confidence.

Installation & Repair of Countertops

Kitchen countertops of all kinds, including laminate, marble, granite, quartz, natural stone, and more, are installed and repaired by our home kitchen renovation specialists near me. Our expert kitchen remodel contractors in Gaithersburg will handle all of your custom countertop installation projects with just one phone call, from creating a custom oak bar to installing a butcher block countertop.

Individual Kitchen Islands

The kitchen’s focal point is a fantastic island. Design, build, or refinish the unique kitchen island that unifies the space with the help of our skilled staff. Consider a mobile kitchen cart for kitchens with limited space.

Installation & Repairs of Tile

There is a reason why tile flooring is so common in kitchens. It is water resistant and straightforward to clean, unlike wood and carpet. Our top kitchen remodeler in Gaithersburg are equipped to lay tile flooring throughout your entire kitchen or any other room in your house.

Renovation & Kitchen Remodeling

With an average of 10 years of expertise between them, all of our home improvement specialists can handle a variety of tasks to give you the kitchen of your dreams. To discuss your kitchen renovation near me, call your best kitchen remodelers near me Elegant Homes Inc. right away. Elegant Homes Inc. kitchen remodeling companies in Gaithersburg handle any job, including drywall, carpentry, flooring, and painting.

Time taken to upgrade your kitchen

Time for installation:1-2 days

Think about making simple, yet impactful, modifications, like installing new cabinet hardware or getting rid of those ugly worktops.

  • Modern countertops
  • Painting Cabinet Hardware
  • Installation New Backsplash Cabinetry
  • Installation of a new faucet at a Sink

Cabinet makeover

Installation time: 3-5 days

Love the design, but not the cabinets? Have new doors, cabinet fronts, drawers, hinges, knobs, and pulls installed on your cabinets.

Keep utilizing your kitchen while the renovation is taking place to avoid the mess of extensive construction.

Pull-out shelves and other storage options, additional cabinets, an island, even a backsplash or countertop are examples of add-on amenities.

Bundle Services with a Full Remodel

Installation Timeline: 2-12 Weeks

The possibilities are endless with a complete kitchen redesign. You can change your kitchen’s layout, add new equipment, increase storage space, and revamp the way it looks and feels. Your kitchen will become more functional in terms of organizing your workspace and providing entertainment.

Concept Style

We’ll create a design after speaking with you, one we hope you’ll adore. In addition to taking into account a wide range of alternatives for the style, colours, materials, and equipment, our recommendations take into account everything we learned from you about how you want your kitchen to look, feel, and work.

Your style should be evident in your kitchen. Your individuality will be uniquely reflected in your choice of colours, kitchen countertops, cabinets, backsplash, lighting, and more. We’ll offer ideas for floors, windows, floor plans, and countertops before listening to your input and incorporating it into the final design. When you have a comprehensive kitchen design package, it’s time to choose whether you’ll work with us to bring your vision to life.

We take great care to determine exactly what that style is, and whether it’s minimalist or modern farmhouse, we ensure that it dominates your new kitchen design.

Elements & Accents

A stunning kitchen redesign begins with cabinets, flooring, and countertops, but without the supporting players, such as:

The ideal backsplash, cabinets with the ideal hardware, a farmhouse sink, and the precise appliances you require for your cooking and aesthetic preferences.

When designing the kitchen of your dreams, every detail counts.

Modern Style

Regardless of your personal aesthetic, our kitchen remodel contractors in Gaithersburg can assist you in creating a kitchen design that not only accommodates your family’s needs but also exudes classic style. A kitchen remodel is an investment, so you want to make sure the end result is something you will love as well as be able to live with for many years to come.


It is frequently remarked that the kitchen is the center of the house. It should therefore come as no surprise that few remodeling projects are as well-liked as redesigning the kitchen. In addition to being something that inhabitants long for, an attractive, “up-to-date kitchen” is frequently a top concern for potential buyers.

Popularity, unfortunately, has a price. When remodeling a kitchen, it’s necessary to replace a number of pricey gadgets as well as kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg, labor-intensive components like cabinetry and worktops.

According to our stats, kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg an average-sized kitchen will cost between $25,000 and $40,000. But even a small kitchen redesign may cost between $10,000 and $15,000, while major projects for huge spaces can reach six figures. Additionally, a kitchen remodel may easily prevent you from cooking at home for weeks at a time, which could result in greater food costs for takeout or dining out.

Nevertheless, a kitchen renovation might be a wise investment, recovering between 54% and 72% of its cost, per kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg 2021 Cost vs Value Report. Additionally, the top two interior projects that increase a home’s market value and appeal to potential buyers are kitchen upgrades and renovations.

Types of remodeling

Generally, there are three categories for kitchen renovation near me:

Small/minor: maintaining the kitchen’s layout while making modest adjustments and updating the space with new flooring, paint, and energy-efficient appliances. A modest makeover typically “kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg” between $24,000 and $26,000.

Midrange: involves making changes to the lighting, flooring, and design components like a kitchen island and bespoke cabinets. A midrange makeover typically “kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg” between $69,000 and $75,000 to complete.

Major/Upscale: the same fundamental overhaul as above, but with almost everything brand-new or replaced, and showcasing super-quality and specialty items — top-of-the-line appliances, built-in water-filtration systems, completely custom cabinets and countertops, designer fixtures — all made with the most opulent materials. Luxury kitchen renovation near me typically “kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg” between $136,000 and $149,000.

Why choose Elegant Homes – The best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg?

You’re searching for kitchen renovation near me or best kitchen remodelers near me in the Gaithersburg region. You’re in the correct place, but you might still be unsure about why you should pick Elegant Homes Inc. kitchen remodeling companies in Gaithersburg over another service provider.

It’s easy. We are a client-centered business that is motivated by the desire to produce outstanding results that satisfy our clients’ aesthetic, financial, functional, and time constraints.


The first and most crucial thing you should be aware of about Elegant Homes Inc. kitchen remodeling companies in Gaithersburg is that we put a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and are motivated by your demands.

Your style, demands, and vision will direct the project from the first time we meet to discuss your project all the way through conceptualization and design, building, and final handover.


Whether your personal taste is more rustic, classic, or modern and minimalist, our team of skilled renovation professionals is committed to bringing your favorite look to your home.

There are a few things that can help to make sure every project is as attractive and long-lasting as possible, despite the fact that the specific style you select can vary substantially. top-notch materials. high calibre workmanship. a focus on the details. Each of them is a component of every project we work on, and they all work together to give you the appearance you want. Because outstanding renovations and remodels are as much about the design you DO see as they are about the construction features you DON’T notice.


Every customer we work with has some level of anxiety regarding their budget. Whatever the project’s budget and size, our clients want to know they’re receiving their money’s worth.

We go above and above to inform our clients about the costs associated with their project, why those costs are necessary, and how they may make changes that might have an impact on the bottom line.

But keep in mind that you get what you pay for when selecting a remodeling contractor, and while we make every effort to offer outstanding value on every job, we also think of your house as an investment. You deserve high-quality outcomes that will last and continue to pay for themselves for many years to come.


Although design plays a significant role in our approach and we enjoy creating beautiful places, homes are ultimately meant to be lived in, and livability necessitates functionality.

We take into account both the room’s appearance and intended function while designing and building bathrooms, kitchens, renovations, and other spaces.

In your home, functionality should be something you never notice. You shouldn’t even realize it was a part of the design process because it should be seamless and well-thought out. You’ve come to the right place if you want a home that lives effortlessly because that’s exactly what we set out to create in yours.


Renovation and remodeling projects, as well as other construction projects, frequently take longer than expected. We have enough experience in the industry to know that it is best to be upfront and realistic about the timetable for your project than to overpromise and fall short of expectations.

When we work with you on your project, we’ll provide you a thorough schedule before we arrive on site and we’ll keep you informed as we go.

Money may be time, but in our line of work, comfort is even more valuable.


Because we provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution, Elegant Homes Inc. kitchen remodeling companies in Gaithersburg are exceptional. We promise that as a remodeling contractor committed to quality for 50 years, we have the knowledge, experience, and client-centered work ethic to ensure that we address any issues as soon as we become aware of them.


Which is the best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg?

Elegant Homes Inc is the best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The kitchen remodeling contractors at Elegant Homes have decades of combined experience in offering excellent and timely delivery of kitchen remodeling services in Gaithersburg and surrounding areas.

How to choose the best remodeling company in Gaithersburg?

Selecting the best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg can be a tough task especially due to uniqueness of every kitchen remodeling project. However, since kitchen is the heart of any home, it is worth investing the time and efforts to select the best kitchen remodeling contractors to transform your kitchen. Talk to the owner of the companies and get the details of people who will be working on your project. Assess their skill set, track record and project specific knowledge. Also, compare quotes of various kitchen remodeling contractors to negotiate a better deal. However, it is worth noting that going solely on the basis of cost can be disastrous. Therefore, compare the cost as well as the value delivered to your project while selecting the best kitchen remodeling company in Gaithersburg. 

What time does it take for a kitchen renovation?

A kitchen renovation’s completion date cannot be predicted precisely because several factors affect how long the project will take. The finishing date should be several weeks out from the time that you choose the materials. This is particularly valid if you are installing custom cabinets, which typically take eight to ten weeks to construct. The size of the makeover, the accessibility of the materials you select, and your contractor’s present workload will all affect how long it takes to complete the project. The installation procedure may often be finished in a few weeks once all the components are ready and the demolition is finished.

How do I start with planning a Kitchen Remodel?

To have a clear idea of the appearance and feel you want for your remodel, it is best to browse for design inspiration online or in magazines before you begin. Lack of ideas at the beginning of the process will only lengthen it. You should arrange a consultation with a specialist to discuss your ideas once you have whittled down your selections. You must make the area clear of all personal items before any work can start in order for it to be ready when the work crew arrives the following day.

What stages of Kitchen renovation are usual?

The renovation process is divided into several phases, each of which is equally significant. Every step of the way, our staff will be at your side, updating you on our daily progress. The fundamental phases of your renovation will resemble these:

  • Demolition: To begin, we will remove everything from your current premises. This entails removing outdated sinks, cabinets, walls, and equipment.
  • Plumbing: If necessary, we can update your kitchen’s outdated plumbing so that it is capable of supporting all the new amenities.
  • Electrical: We will replace any outdated lighting fixtures and update any electrical components.
  • New drywall will be installed by our qualified staff.
  • Paint: The new drywall and current walls will be painted in the precise color of your choice.
  • Flooring: The baseboards and all new flooring will be installed.
  • Cabinetry: Delivery and installation of all new cabinetry is scheduled.
  • Countertops: The new cabinetry will be topped with the countertops.
  • Backsplash: If you want to add one, we’ll put it in beneath the cabinets, around the stove and sink.
  • Installation of all new appliances will come last, after which any remaining cabinetry hardware will be applied.
How can I afford to renovate my Kitchen?

You have a variety of alternatives for financing your kitchen renovation. A home equity loan or line of credit may be the approach that is the most common. These can be utilized if you have accumulated equity in your house and are frequently a popular option because they are secured loans with reduced interest rates offered. Personal loans and low to no interest credit cards are some more funding choices. In order to choose the best course of action for you and your financial situation, we advise thoroughly researching each option.

Can a kitchen renovation increase the value of my home?

There is considerable disagreement over how much value will be added to your property by upgrading your kitchen, however there is no doubt that it will increase its value. Any home improvement will probably increase the value of the property, but since the kitchen is the heart of the house, it’s usually the best investment. Even though a kitchen makeover will increase the value of your property, you shouldn’t anticipate getting your money’s worth.

How can I reduce the kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg?

Even though we are aware that you probably have a limited budget for your kitchen renovation, we don’t advise making too many severe compromises. As a result of not selecting the highest quality materials, you can be disappointed with the outcome of the project. The more affordable anything is, the worse the quality since you really do get what you pay for. The best way to cut costs on your renovation is to postpone some of the work rather than lowering the standard of construction. Our advice is to spend your money on the highest-quality goods, even if that means buying fewer things overall.

How much does a kitchen remodeling cost in Gaithersburg?

The cost of a kitchen remodel will vary greatly based on the scope of the job, the appliances, hardware, and design elements you select. The typical cost of remodeling a kitchen is around $25,000, or roughly $150 per square foot. Work with a contractor who provides you with a thorough estimate so you are aware of the whole cost of your project.

Do kitchen cabinets reface or paint cost less?

Compared to the price of refacing cabinets, painting is frequently a more cost-effective solution. However, painting might not give you the outcomes you desire. Even though painting can hide some flaws, it can’t enhance the cabinets’ quality or fix dents or other damage. Refacing your cabinets will entirely replace all of the cabinetry’s front-facing components, which can greatly enhance and give them a newer appearance.

Is refacing your cabinets worth it?

Although refacing cabinets is less expensive than replacing them, the savings are typically not significant. Although it may be tempting to find ways to reduce costs, the truth about refacing is that most of the time it is better to simply replace them. That’s because the door, which typically represents around 70% of the cabinet’s overall cost, is the most expensive component of any cabinet. You might as well pay the extra money to replace the entire cabinet if you’re already going to buy the most expensive component. The doors and frame will be of higher quality and be precisely matched as a result.

What are some budget-friendly kitchen remodels?

Instead of completing the full project all at once and opting for lower quality materials, progressively replacing items is the ideal approach to redesign your kitchen on a small budget. Perhaps begin by simply painting and updating the cabinets. then subsequently include fresh lighting and appliances. This enables you to make a high-quality purchase without going over budget.

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