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At Elegant Homes Inc., we offer reliable and high-quality workmanship for our customers in North Potomac. We have extensive experience in kitchen and bathroom renovation, home remodelling and handyman services that make us the best home improvement and remodelling company in North Potomac. Our customisable service is tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each customer. With innovative and trustworthy techniques, our knowledgeable contractors have completed hundreds of home improvement projects. 

From exterior trim and deck repair to home front porch and entire home renovations, we have come up with infallible services that will last a lifetime. If you choose Elegant Homes to remodel your dream home, home Improvement is no longer a painstaking undertaking!


Home improvement involves the renovation, alteration, remodelling, repairing, restoring, converting, modernising, demolishing, moving or modifying the entire or any part of your property by an experienced contractor. Home improvement shall also include home elevation, which upgrades your existing house exterior and interior, giving a fresh look to the house. By altering your home’s structure, remodelling work enables you to broaden your living area, enhance the beauty of a presently existing design, increase the resale value, and lower energy consumption. 

Over the years, homeowners are increasingly aware of the importance of home improvement and renovation. Remodelling your home will provide you with the serenity and security you desire. When compared to purchasing a new home, renovation is undoubtedly more cost-effective. An efficiently refurbished home ward off unwanted expenses and maximize the storage space. If you plan to sell your home, the proper beautification can escalate the value of your property. Your home’s aesthetics, apparent worth, energy efficiency and sense of gratification will be mounted by restoration. 

To eradicate monotony from your life, home renovation is imperative. By upgrading your home, you embrace novelty. As a result, your lifestyle can have a positive impact.

However, home renovation can be crushing and sometimes dicey. Choosing a professional home renovation contractor helps you obtain excellent results without exhausting your resources. Elegant  Homes Inc. have completed countless home remodelling jobs for hundreds of satisfied customers in North Potomac and surrounding areas. Let us make your living environment covetable.

We intend to help you strengthen and conserve the worth of your gorgeous home. Be it a full-home remodelling or a plain interior home decoration, we offer our customary attention to detail.  “We Are Here To Serve You” has been our motto since 1999, and we still live by it today.

Why Choose Elegant Homes as your preferred partner?


  • We delight in the fact that we prioritise our customers and their needs above all. All our services are designed keeping our customer’s preferences in mind. Our well-versed professionals are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Our hassle-free premium home renovation services enable you to transform your incredible ideas into a beautiful reality.
  • We offer comprehensive solutions for your home restoration needs with trustworthy techniques.
  • Our locally owned and operated business provides you with the option to choose methods that align with your taste and requirements.
  •  More than 100 Five-Star reviews are testimony to our uncompromising customer services and high-end quality work, which withstand the ever-changing climate.
  • From inception to completion, our cordial and skilled team is always willing to assist you in finding the perfect home improvement solutions that match your priority.
  • For more than 30 years, Elegant Homes Inc. has been the go-to destination for residents of North Potomac. And we continue to serve you with unquestionable passion!

Our Services 

Elegant Homes Inc. offers a wide range of exceptional services at affordable cost in North Potomac and surrounding areas. Be it affordable exterior trim repair in North Potomac, affordable siding repair in North Potomac, affordable deck repair in North Potomac, affordable siding replacement or remodelling your kitchen and bathroom in North Potomac, we are indomitable. 

Here are some of our distinctive services for improving your home:

Affordable Exterior Trim Repair in North Potomac

The trim on the exterior surfaces of your home, such as the door and window frames, is not just for beautifying purposes. It has a significant duty to perform, that is, to guard your home from expensive damage, and affordable exterior trim repair in North Potomac is the best choice.

Decayed framing, flaking paint, collapsing window casings, damaged fascia, and soffit boards are unpleasant signs that can negatively impact the structural condition of your home. That’s why repairing or replacing rotted trim on time is crucial. Proper installation and maintenance of wood is essential to prevent wood rot. Affordable exterior trim repair in North Potomac can do this for you.

As the exterior trim on your home is continuously exposed to elements, it is highly vulnerable to wood rot. It can speedily disperse all through your home and, in some cases, to the interior structure of your house frame. Wood rot is brought about by a fungus that thrives on damp wood and multiplies rapidly. If you don’t resolve this problem at an opportune time, chances are that it will keep spreading and eventually crumble, becoming damaged beyond repair. So opt for affordable exterior trim repair in North Potomac.

To keep your trim in good condition, there are a few methods available, including:


  • Remove dirt from gutters regularly to avoid water running over the gutter’s backside and down the side of your home.
  • Seal exterior doors and window cracks with caulking.
  • Remove old caulk and replace it with fresh caulk.
  • Set up a covered entryway to prevent doors from succumbing to rain.
  • Use a high-quality dehumidifier in any part of the house that is susceptible to high humidity.
  • Recoat exterior window frames and siding with fresh paint if the paint is flaking off.
  • Keep stagnant water away from outdoor decking.
  • Avoid poor-quality paint or caulk.

Exterior trim repair can also effectively protect against moisture and water leakage. An adequately maintained exterior trim may save a lot of money and increase the aesthetic appearance of your cherished home.

If you detect rot on the exterior of your house, you can count on our affordable exterior trim repair in North Potomac team. From finding the right paint for the trim’s surface to choosing solid wood that naturally resists mold and mildew to smoothing rough edges with sandpaper, the professionals of Elegant Homes Inc. take care of everything with great care.

Affordable Deck Repair in North Potomac

A cosmetic deck is an outdoor addition to your house. Since it is constantly subject to excessive heat, cold, wind, and rain, your deck needs proper preservation and repair all the time. If your deck begins to splinter, crack, peel, or appear spongy, it requires repair or replacement. 

If you cannot afford a completely new deck installation,  then ingenious and affordable deck repair in North Potomac is the best option. Before you hire a professional, you must thoroughly examine your deck to identify the problem. Some decks have structural issues from rain damage and timber rot.

There are several types of affordable deck repair in North Potomac that can ensure good results, including:


  • Replace deck boards.
  • Replace deck railings.
  • Replace wobbly stairs.
  • Replace tattered fasteners
  • Replace nails.
  • Enhance the deck’s appearance by cleaning up.
  • Suitable sanding and staining.

Elegant Homes Inc. provides deck repairs to North Potomac homeowners. Our skilled professional outdoor living contractors with experience repairing and maintaining decks can guarantee that your affordable deck repair in North Potomac enhances your charming home

Affordable Home Front Porch in North Potomac

To make your entryway more attractive, create an inviting front porch. An elegant and affordable home front porch in North Potomac porch offers shelter for your neighbours and guests to enter your home. It is also a perfect spot to spend quality time with your family and bask in exquisite weather. A cosy and functional front porch can elevate the overall architecture of your home.

When you construct a porch, you must consider the ideal size and layout, the usage, and other significant factors like storage of furniture and other items. Also, make sure that you choose the best materials, such as wood, brick and concrete, for your porch. Affordable home front porch in North Potomac helps you make your home porch imperishable.

There are different types of affordable home front porch designs in North Potomac, including:


  • Screened porch
  • Enclosed porch
  • Wraparound porch
  • Front porch with seating
  • Covered porch
  • Pavilion porch
  • Open porch
  • Multi-season porch

If you are looking for an affordable home front porch builder in North Potomac, Elegant Homes Inc. is the best choice. We help you design and construct the welcoming porch for your beautiful home

Affordable Screen Porches in North Potomac

Affordable Screen Porches in North Potomac maximize your comfort and living space. This classy addition to your home enables you to enjoy outdoor life without worrying about the fickle weather conditions. Screen porches prevent insects, bugs, debris, and other unwelcome things from entering your living space.

A roof tie-in is a must for your screened-in porches and sunrooms, so affordable screen porches in North Potomac will pay careful attention to this aspect of the construction. To provide you with a seamless match to your current architecture, we will tie it into your existing roof or wall.

Enhance your living space by building an affordable screened porch in North Potomac.  Professionals of Elegant Homes exquisitely blend screened-in porches with an exposed deck or stamped concrete patio

Affordable Siding Repair in North Potomac

Unfavourable weather, bad maintenance, excessive moisture, insect attack, sun damage, installation errors- all these things negatively affect your siding and, thereby, your home’s structural integrity. If you find problems such as swelling, warping, mold, rotting and rust in your siding, you should contact a professional to repair it, and affordable siding repair in North Potomac will help you.

Elegant Homes Inc. home improvement professionals repair or replace damaged fascia, soffits, and boards when insects, dry rot, or water destroy your wood. By efficient repairs, we protect and extend the longevity of your home, retaining its aesthetic appeal. No matter what kind of siding you have, our insured professionals can make the affordable siding repair in North Potomac good:


  • PVC Siding
  • Timber Siding
  • Masonry siding
  • Stone siding and stucco siding


PVC Siding

PVC is a solid material that can outshine natural wood products. Although composite PVC seems like real wood, it possesses distinctive advantages and needs no maintenance. Because of its durability, this product is widely popular. With an infrequent washing, the PVC side will last for decades. It is unbelievably insusceptible to water, and therefore, there is no room for rotting, warping, swelling or splitting.

PVC  siding also effortlessly resists the siege of insects, bugs and other pests. Affordable siding repair in North Potomac is the best for PVC siding.

Timber Siding

Timber siding is an important material that is used to guard a structure from the outdoor elements and elevate its external appearance. It effectively keeps moisture away. Timber siding is also referred to as weatherboarding.

Masonry siding

Masonry siding simply means siding made from stone. Brick, stone and concrete blocks are the most common materials used in masonry construction. Masonry is a prominent construction technique worldwide because of its durability and fire-resistant quality.

Stone siding and stucco siding

With the help of stone siding, you can create an exquisite home exterior. After the affordable siding repair, right installation, and proper maintenance it can last more than 30 years. Due to its mold-resistant characteristic, stone siding does well in any weather conditions. 

Stucco siding is made of sand, cement, lime and water. 

It is used to shield sidings and concrete walls. It endures sunrays and harsh weather. Another critical aspect of stucco siding is it is comparatively inexpensive and does not need costly materials. Search for affordable siding repair in North Potomac today!

Affordable Home Additions Garage in North Potomac

Adding a garage to your dream home is way more straightforward than you imagine. Garage is always elegantly designed, often affordable, and will undoubtedly raise the value of your property. We can confidently say that Elegant Homes Inc. is the affordable home additions garage in North Potomac.

You should choose your garage according to your needs. Whether you want to protect your vehicles from the elements or safely store equipment, a garage is the right option. It can also function as a workshop.

The most significant benefit of a garage is that it can be used precisely the way you want to. Depending on your budget, you can create a gym room and a playroom. An affordable home addition garage can stash items like:


  • Patio Furniture
  • Sports equipment
  • Yard tools
  • Kids toys
  • Car supplies
  • Household goods
  • Garden tools
  • Bicycle
  • Old electronics

If you are considering an affordable home addition garage, please contact Elegant Homes in North Potomac. We will help you discover the possibilities that a stylish garage brings.

Kitchen Remodelling Company in North Potomac

The kitchen is the anchor that holds your home together and deserves to be well-preserved. Elegant Homes Inc. combines the latest trends and technology to meet your needs. We understand the importance of a functional kitchen to make everyday life more comfortable. Whether you are upgrading your existing kitchen appliances or renovating the full kitchen, our team of skilled craftsmen offer the highest quality of work in North Potomac. We proudly say we are the top kitchen remodeler in North Potomac.

We provide a wide range of kitchen remodelling services, including:


  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Kitchen Sinks 
  • Kitchen Faucets

Our experienced contractors resolve both big and minor repairs in your kitchen, be it repairing faucets or installing countertops or other services like:


  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  • Repair Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Installation & Repair of Countertops
  • Individual Kitchen Islands
  • Faucet Installation & Repair
  • Installation and repairs of Tile
  • Repair & Installation of Lighting Fixtures
  • Kitchen Renovation & Remodelling
  • Installation and repair of sinks


As one of the top design and best kitchen remodeling company in North Potomac, we offer a wide variety of designs, authentic materials, and colors to renovate your complete kitchen. You can get rid of your storage hassles with our supreme-quality equipment. With a comprehensive kitchen design package, you can tackle your kitchen with ease. Since we work according to your instructions, your taste will show through in your kitchen.

Kitchen remodelling cost in North Potomac: an average-sized kitchen will cost between $25,000 and $40,000.

Visit Elegant Homes Inc. to learn more about kitchen restoration and cost. Our cordial team of professionals will answer all your questions.

Bathroom Remodel in North Potomac

From traditional to modern, Elegant Homes transforms your bathroom with grandeur. Be it a large-size bathroom remodel or a small-size bathroom remodel, we provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Our experienced, talented and upright contractors make your bathroom into a retreat of luxury and functionality.

Our bathroom remodel services include:


  • Bathroom Showers
  • Bathroom Walk-In Tubs
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Bathroom Mirrors

Updation of your outdated bathroom can be a back-breaking undertaking. Don’t worry. Elegant Homes’s bathroom remodel company in North Potomac provides options that best suit your requirements. By thoughtfully replacing the caulking and grout, we effortlessly enhance your bathroom’s entire appearance.

From shower door installation to shower head maintenance, Elegant Home’s bathroom renovation contractors will blow you away.

Bathroom remodelling cost

According to our statistics, a typical “bathroom renovation cost in North Potomac” is roughly $5,500. The bathroom renovation cost in North Potomac can vary from $2,000 to $18,000, depending on the project’s nature and size.

The Best Remodelling Company in North Potomac

Our over 30 years of exceptional experience and client-centred work ethic make Elegant Homes Inc. the best remodelling company in North Potomac. If you are interested in home remodelling, let us know. A team member will visit your house, examine your area, pay careful attention to your demands, and give you a free quote that is valid for an entire year. We will also show you our design ideas and offer a pre-installation inspection. 

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the Bathroom remodeling cost in Barnesville?

Bathroom remodeling cost in Barnesville, Maryland ranges from $5000 to $40000 depending on the size of your bathroom and the extent of your renovation.

How to do bathroom remodel in Barnesville?

You can contact the contractors who are licensed and are affordable with your budget

Do you want to hire professionals in small bathroom remodel in Barnesville?

You can do it on your own if you are confident enough. But it is always advisable to hire a professional for better service.