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Home is where the heart is! This home therefore becomes an important reflection of your personality. Like you polish yourselves with the glaze of learning, your homes need a regular upkeep and upgrade too. This regular home maintenance and renovation can be conveniently given to the renowned local contractor in Laurel with 30+ years of experience- Elegant Homes. We have over 110+ 5 star reviews and are a trusted and reliable name in the field of home improvement and renovation in Laurel. Elegant Homes is a ‘one stop shop’ from designs and permits to finished products


Home Remodeling Services in Laurel


We offer kitchen remodeling services, bathroom remodeling services, home addition services, home improvement and handyman services and outdoor living solutions. We proudly serve Montgomery County, Maryland and cities like Olney, Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Ashton, Germantown, Clarksville, Darnestown etc. including Laurel. A glimpse of our services can be seen from the following details of different home renovation services in Laurel. 


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Affordable Exterior Trim Repair in Laurel

Exterior trims, apart from contributing to the building aesthetically, shield the building from harsh climate, pests and rodents. The atmospheric mixture cannot get into the building if the exterior trims are neatly intact. Overtime, these fixtures wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions and the humidity in the air at Laurel. Instead of waiting for the entire section of the trim to fall apart calling for an emergency, it is better to fix the smaller issues of the exterior trim of your building. We at Elegant Homes, offer the best and affordable exterior trim repair in Laurel. 

There are different ways in which the issue of exterior trim repair can be handled. 

  • The rotten sections of the trim can be replaced. If only the bottom of the trim is rotten and the rest of the part is in good condition, this method can be used.
  • One can also use Epoxy wood fillers for the trim repairs. It works for the smaller repairs where replacements are expensive or not practical. 

Whichever type of repair is required, you can hire professionals like us. With our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, hiring us would mean addressing the root cause of the problem. It would also ensure a long term solution and durability. 


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Best Deck Repair in Laurel

Decks are the first visible portions of your homes. They are the most attractive part of your house but can turn into a nightmare if left neglected. In Laurel, decks are regularly prone to repair works because of their constant exposure to the humid weather. 

When is the right time to repair your decks? Look for the following signs of wear and tear in the decks outside your houses:

  • Rotting of wood that supports the beams and posts

Rotting of wood gradually leads to the damage of the structural integrity of your house.

  • Sinking or cracking of the footings

Concrete footings are a better option for your decks. But continuous exposure to the atmospheric heat and moisture can lead to sinking or cracking of those footings also.

  • Erosion around the posts

Any kind of deck footing you choose; wooden or concrete, overtime they are susceptible to soil erosion. The supporting soil around the footings loosens and the decks may lose stability eventually. 

  • Cracking of the deck boards

Overtime, the deck boards develop a crack or a splinter. If one deck board cracks, it is not a big concern. But if many deck boards develop a crack, it questions the safety and aesthetics of the entire deck.

  • Loosening of the deck railing

A loose deck railing is a safety hazard which cannot be ignored for long. 

  • Stains and blemishes 

They are not a safety hazard but may lead to the removal of paint paint, which might lead to rotting of the deck. Use of an appropriate cleaner is advised as per the kind of stains and blemishes. Sodium hypochlorite, sodium percarbonate, oxalic acid and sodium hydroxide are the few chemicals used for cleaning decks. 

If you see any of the above signs, you can call Elegant Homes, the proud local experts who offer affordable deck repair in Laurel. 


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Build Affordable New Decks in Laurel 

Thinking of home renovations or shifting to a new house? New decks are always an excitement for all age groups in the house. When planning to build a new deck for your dream home, there are many considerations you have to make. Following are a few of them:

  • Placing of the deck

You have to choose an appropriate location for your deck. Backyard, side of the home or both? Adjacent to the home wall or a little farther away? 

  • Permits, codes and other requirements

These include checking out on the following things:

  • Checking with the local zoning office before fixing the location and size of the deck. 
  • Obtaining deck permits.
  • Ensuring that the deck meets the local HomeOwners Association Standards to avoid issues at the time of inspections. 
  • You also need to ensure that the plan of building a new deck is compliant with the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements. 
  • Choosing appropriate deck material

Which is better for your homes- traditional wood, engineered wood or something else?

  • Layouts and designs

You will have to choose an appropriate design for the deck so as to maximize both utility and aesthetics. 

  • Adding Shelter

To keep your deck functional all year round, you may add a shelter. It will keep the harsh sun and rain water from getting in. 

  • Deck decor

Accessorize your deck to reflect your taste and increase its utility. The choice of furniture, lighting fixtures, mats, plants, figurines etc.

These well thought out considerations before actually building a new deck, will ensure minimum renovations in the later stages. Therefore, it is better to take suggestions from home renovation experts in Laurel like Elegant Homes. Our local connections and a strong reputation ensure that a neat and affordable new deck in Laurel is no more a dream.


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Make a Welcoming Home Front Porch in Laurel

A front porch of your house is the one that welcomes everybody and everything. Therefore, everyone wants the best of both in them: aesthetics and functionality. But when you do not want to compromise on these, the budget increases. If you want to build or renovate an affordable home front porch in Laurel, Elegant Homes are there to help and guide you. Take a look at the 

factors affecting the cost of a front porch, to ease your decision.

  • Foundation

A strong foundation lends structural integrity to your porch. A pier style foundation uses beams to hold the weight of the porch and may cost upto $5-$8 per square foot. A slab foundation made of concrete can cost between $6-$10 per square foot. The choice of flooring in your porch also affects the cost. Wooden flooring costs $5 per square foot, composite planks cost between $5-$13 per square foot and bricks cost between $6-$10 per square foot. 

  • Roof

The choice of shelter on your porch affects the cost of your front porch. You can choose between a traditional gable roof, a shed type roof or a hip roof. The choice of shelter would depend on multiple things like the design of your house and porch, size, climate etc. Hip roof is the most expensive option for porch roof because it is the most complicated roof to build. 

  • Walls, Screens and Railings

Some front porches have low walls or railings. Some are all closed up. Both have their own advantages. Porch screens can protect against an influx of insects etc. whereas railings also contribute to the safety and aesthetic element. 

  • Accessories

Need and type of accessories like ceiling fan, lighting fixtures, swings, other furniture, furnishings, pots and plants and other porch decor items would directly affect the cost of the front porch. 

  • Type of porch

Your decision of the type of porch plays an integral role in determining the cost of your home front porch. You may choose between: a covered porch, adding screening to your existing porch, sunroom, concrete porch, a sleeping porch or a prefabricated porch. All these types have different purposes, styles and building costs. 

If you are planning to renovate your home, changing the look and feel of your front porch will make the most significant effect. To wrap up the entire renovation within your budget, you need expert suggestions. Elegant Homes are the experts for affordable home front porch in Laurel. 

With an in-house design team, we can design the best front porch for your homes. 


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Why Screen Your Porches in Laurel?

A screen porch is a structure like a porch built on or at the exterior of a house. It is covered with window screens and is therefore also known as a screen room. There are many benefits of screen porches:

  • Protects from insects and bugs: 

The biggest hindrance while enjoying your porch are mosquitoes, bugs, flies and other kinds of pesky insects. Screening the porch hinders these creatures from coming in while you sit and enjoy your porch.

  • Improves ventilation: 

Screen porches improve air flow. You can get your daily dose of fresh air right from your screened in porch. It decreases the use of air conditioning and improves air quality of your homes.

  • Protects from harsh weather

They act like a shield against the harsh weather conditions. Whether it is a hot summer sun, errant breeze, heavy rainfall or excessive snowfall, while sitting in your screen porches you can stay away from the weather conditions and enjoy it at the same time too. 

  • Gives privacy

A complete outdoor ambience may keep the public eyes completely on you and take away your privacy. Screen porches help you to enjoy the outside ambience while keeping up your privacy.

  • Extended living space

Screening the porch increases your living space area. You can spend quality time with your friends and family any time of the day, throughout the year in these sheltered cozy places.

  • Increases property value

Screen porches add the outdoor functional spaces of your houses. Therefore, they increase the resale value of your home. 

While you enjoy these multiple benefits of screen porches, you should be aware of their disadvantages also:

  • Costly affair 

It requires an upfront investment. 

  • Blocks the view

Screen porches block nature’s direct view with the interruptions of wooden frames and glass. 

  • Constant maintenance

Screened porches are like any room of the house needing your time and attention for an upkeep. Eg- cleaning of doors and windows, repair of broken glass windows, ripping of the screens etc.

Whether to  screen in your porches or not, take these advantages and disadvantages into account, while making that decision. You can contact Elegant Homes, for the best and expert home renovation services in Laurel. Rest assured, we will always give the best professional advice at competitive and fair prices.


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Affordable Siding Repair in Laurel

The siding of a house used for exterior decoration purposes, primarily shields the building from the natural elements. Therefore, besides aesthetics of the material used you need to pay attention to its durability, versatility, cost and ease of installation. Whichever material is used for the siding it usually gives up after multiple episodes of sun and rains. Following are the signs telling it’s time to go for siding repair:

  • Physical degradation

When the siding shows visible cracks and dents it means it is reducing its effectiveness as a weather shield for your house.

  • Discoloring and fading

Fading or discoloration may happen due to the damage caused by the sun. This affects the overall look of the house and may also lead to structural problems.

  • Cracking or warping

Warping, bulging or buckling of the siding may indicate presence of moisture or improper installation.  

  • Material specific signs of damage

Some signs of siding damage can be seen specific to the material used for siding. For e.g.- wood siding may show decomposition when it discolors, becomes soft or develops fungus. Whereas metal sidings may develop rusts, cracks or dents. Whereas vinyl siding may crack, split or peel off and fade.  

The extent of damage of the siding leads to the final decision to repair or replace the sidings of your house. Get in touch with Elegant Homes, your local partners for affordable siding repair and replacement in Laurel. With 30+ years of experience, we can definitely help you with the best choice of siding in your Laurel home.


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Types of Garage Home Additions in Laurel

When planning home renovation, garage additions hold a special case. They can be renovated to an unimaginable extent to convert them into living spaces or separate rooms. When planning for garage additions into your house, consider the following types of garages:

  • Attached garage

It is easy to go to this type of garage even in harsh weather conditions because it is connected to the house. It also easily blends with the house aesthetically. 

  • Detached garage

They are standalone structures that offer greater flexibility in terms of design and decor. They can be strategically placed to add value and purpose to the property.

  • In-law suite garage

It combines the garage area with the expanded living area. It can be used to accommodate guests or extended family members. 

  • Workshop garage

In this type of garage conversions, you can use the garage space for your creative pursuits like crafting or building etc.

  • Pool house garage

It converts the garage area while utilizing it for leisure purposes like keeping the pool equipment or changing room for swimmers. 

You have to consider budget, functionality, local rules and regulations and aesthetics while considering home garage additions in Laurel. Home renovation contractors in Laurel like Elegant Homes, can guide you the best for making such decisions. We offer affordable home garage additions in Laurel.


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 Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Laurel


Kitchens are the most special places of the home. Everybody is associated with it- directly or indirectly. Therefore, kitchen remodeling becomes the most difficult task because everybody wants to apply their set of designs to their favorite place in the house. Well, many new designs have come up to accommodate these changing concepts of kitchen. The traditional kitchens, which mostly saw rules and confines of women, have become newer, bolder and modern to accommodate every family member. Take a look at the latest kitchen design trends to remodel your dream kitchen.

  • Conversational islands

These make way into the modern big kitchens. Now you can look at the cook while cooking; loving and respecting them for the same. These islands are a place of big family conversations. In fact, they are a part of the traditional concept of having fresh meals and fresh conversations at meal times. 

  • Ornate lightings

Small light bulbs have now been taken over by various types of ornate lightings  which are oversized and make a bold statement.

  • Combination of different materials

Kitchens nowadays use different types of materials. For example, the kitchen counter top could be of marble finish, the cabinets could be wooden or a combination of wood and board. 

  • Bold colors

This is the fastest spreading kitchen remodeling trend. When you cannot change the layout or other fixtures in an apartment setting, play of colors becomes the primary tool to make a bold statement. Bold, bright and dark colors are extensively used to mark the happy coexistence of different family members in their contemporary kitchens.

  • Unkitchen is the new Kitchen trend

It is not like a traditional kitchen and is more of a living room. It has very few cabinets above the counter. It might not have built-in cabinets at all. The cabinets are colored in white or earthy colors. There are floor to ceiling cabinets and also pull-out shelves. This new kitchen often has a piece of artwork and also small lounge seating. 

  • Printed wallpapers and floorings

These are here to stay, at least for the time being. The plain kitchen cabinets can best be combined with the printed and beautifully designed wallpapers and floorings. 

  • Customizations

Like every other part of the home, kitchens nowadays reflect the personality of the users. Some prefer watching television at home while cooking, others prefer to listen to songs and thus have big speakers installed. Some love the view of nature while cooking, while others prefer blank or printed walls while cooking. What remains common is the trend of appliances. Almost all of them have multiple modern appliances in the kitchen, but their number and use is again customized as per the family requirements. 


These kitchen remodeling trends are among the common trends being followed nowadays. But you must not forget that it’s essentially the customizations that lead to new evolutions and future trends. So, you must stay true to your needs while redeveloping your kitchen. You can get in touch with Elegant Homes, the best kitchen renovation contractors in Laurel. Your needs can best be customized by our professional work to craft your unique kitchen. 


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Cost of Bathroom Renovation in Laurel

There are many reasons why you remodel existing bathrooms: to update its functionality for you and your family, to add luxury and comfort for yourself or simply fix the existing problems before putting the house for sale. Whatever money you spend, bathroom remodeling eventually adds up to the value of your house. The individual costs of bathroom renovation have gone up in recent years. If you are planning to make this value addition, you need to have a fair idea of the bathroom renovation costs in Laurel. 

The average cost of renovating a larger bathroom is up to $100,000. The average bathroom renovation cost is no less than $20000 to $25000. These average costs includes: 

  • Replacing the existing bathtub while keeping other fixtures the same
  • Minimal electrical work 
  • Installation of semi custom cabinetry
  • Level one granite or quartz countertops
  • Stylish plumbing fixtures
  • Use of basic ceramic tile as backsplash tile

A primary bathroom can be converted into a high end luxury bathroom with the use of high end finishes and layout changes. If the planned bathroom renovations exceed your budget, you may renovate the bathrooms in phases. You can paint and make changes in the floor and fixtures, leaving the major changes to be completed in the coming months. You can also collaborate with a contractor who is more effective based on the costs like Elegant Homes. Apart from the routine changes of fittings and fixtures, if you make new feature additions to the bathroom like hydronic floor heat or replace the plumbing needs the costs usually move up above the average. 

We are known for affordable bathroom renovation in Laurel without compromising on the professional service. We are a ‘one stop shop’ from designs and permits to finished products for your bathroom remodeling in Laurel.


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Home reflects the personality of its inhabitants. Just as you set up or renovate your dream home to accommodate the reflections of yourselves and your family members, home renovation contractors like Elegant Homes become your trusted partners. With our local connections, work expertise and rich experience, we can be your ultimate one stop solution for all your home remodeling needs in Laurel.


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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the What factors should I consider when choosing a home renovation service in Laurel?remodeling cost in Barnesville?
  • Consider the company’s experience and reputation in Laurel.
  • Look for certifications or licenses to ensure professionalism and quality.
  • Evaluate their portfolio and past projects to gauge their style and expertise.
  • Check if they offer a free consultation or estimate to discuss your project needs.
How much do home renovation services typically cost in Laurel?
  • Home renovation costs can vary based on factors like the size of the project, materials used, and labor involved.
  • It’s advisable to request quotes from multiple renovation companies in Laurel to compare prices.
  • Be wary of significantly low prices, as they may indicate subpar quality or hidden costs.
What types of home renovation services are available in Laurel?
  • Home renovation services in Laurel may include kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, basement finishing, flooring installation, and interior/exterior painting.
  • Some companies may specialize in specific areas, such as eco-friendly renovations or historic preservation.