Elegant Homes Inc. Home Improvement & Remodeling Company in Ashton

For 30 years, Elegant Homes Inc. has been the go-to choice for home remodeling in Montgomery County. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom, and room additions, offering customizable services to fit any budget. With over 100 five-star reviews, our quality work speaks for itself.


Why choose Elegant Homes as your preferred partner? 

  • More than 110+ 5-star reviews 
  • Prioritizing customer needs with a focus on experience 
  • Over 30 years of industry expertise
  • A locally owned small business, proud of our roots 
  • Established reputation for excellence 
  • Delivering top-quality workmanship 
  • Known for our trustworthiness and reliability 
  • Offering competitive and equitable pricing 
  • Featuring an in-house design team 
  • Providing comprehensive services from design to permits to completion ● Guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction 
  • Dedicated to serving your needs 

Our Services 

  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom Remodeling 
  • Additions 
  • Handyman/Home Improvement 
  • Outdoor Living 


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Kitchen Remodeling

Elegant Homes Inc is the top kitchen remodeling company in Ashton and its vicinity, renowned for excellence and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge trends and technology ensures exceptional features and finishes tailored to your vision. With our in-house design team and owner’s involvement, we create functional, innovative kitchens aligned with your lifestyle. Our experienced craftsmen collaborate closely, delivering superior quality work on time and within budget, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. Choose Elegant Homes Inc for a transformative kitchen experience that exceeds expectations. 

Our kitchen remodeling services include: 

  • Kitchen Cabinets 
  • Countertops 
  • Kitchen Appliances 
  • Kitchen Lighting 
  • Kitchen Flooring 
  • Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Let our skilled professionals transform your kitchen design. 

★ Our kitchen remodel contractors in Ashton are adept at addressing both major and minor kitchen repairs. 

★ From laying tile to installing new cabinetry, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of tasks to enhance your kitchen. 

★ Recognizing the kitchen as the heart of the home, our skilled contractors ensure timely and accurate completion of projects, allowing your family to continue making cherished memories. 

★ Services include kitchen cabinet installation, repair of kitchen backsplash, countertop installation and repair, creation of individual kitchen islands, faucet installation and repair, tile installation and repairs, lighting fixture repair and installation, kitchen renovation, and remodeling, as well as sink installation and repair. 


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Bathroom Remodeling 

With over three decades of collective experience, our design team at Elegant Homes, Inc has tackled a wide array of bathroom remodeling services in Ashton, from traditional to contemporary styles, catering to bathrooms of all sizes. We specialize in transforming even the most challenging bathroom spaces into personalized reflections of your style preferences. Whether your bathroom is large or small, our team is equipped to handle it. If you seek seasoned, trustworthy, and dedicated contractors who can deliver luxurious results within your budget, entrust your project to us. With proper licensing and insurance, we will construct your dream bathroom with meticulous attention to detail. 

Our affordable bathroom remodeling services in Ashton include: 

  • Bathroom Showers 
  • Bathroom Walk-In Tubs 
  • Bathroom Vanities 
  • Bathroom Lighting 
  • Bathroom Flooring 
  • Bathroom Fixtures 
  • Bathroom Sinks 
  • Bathroom Countertops 
  • Bathroom Mirrors 

Bathrooms are used equally by everybody in the house, so you want everything to look great and function well. Whatever the project, our bathroom remodel contractors in Ashton cover all the bases, from faucets to fans and toilets to tiles. Select Elegant Homes Inc. because we’ll be there on time, do excellent work, and guarantee your satisfaction. 

  • Remodeling and renovating bathrooms
  • Repair and installation of bathroom fans 
  • Caulking 
  • Drywall Repairs & Finishing 
  • Installation & Repair of Light Fixtures 
  • Leaks in the Plumbing 
  • Repair and installation of shower doors 
  • Shower head maintenance 
  • Toilet Installation & Repair 
  • Installation & Repairs of Tiles
  • Installation of bathroom vanities and mirrors 
  • Installation of a shower pan 

Our approach involves several key steps: 

  • Schedule a complimentary appointment with us to arrange your free consultation. 
  • Experience a design consultation at your home, where a member of our design team will visit, assess your space, listen to your ideas, and provide a free quote valid for a full year. This consultation also includes the opportunity to view samples and discuss design concepts. 
  • Benefit from a pre-installation inspection conducted by our Design Consultant to ensure precise measurements, guaranteeing that the items ordered will fit your home perfectly. 
  • Enjoy hassle-free installation by our skilled and qualified installers, who arrive fully equipped to complete your project efficiently and expertly. They ensure a clean and tidy workspace, leaving you with no concerns. 
  • Rest assured with 100% customer satisfaction, knowing you’re protected by outstanding warranties. You can rely on our support even after installation is complete. 


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Home Additions 

At Elegant Homes Inc, we bring our expertise as general contractors, along with our exceptional craftsmanship, top-notch workmanship, and reliable project planning abilities to every assignment. With an impressive track record of over 110 5-star reviews, our reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction needs no explanation. 

Whether you’re considering adding in-law suites, sunrooms, or even entire new levels to your home, Elegant Homes Inc is ready and enthusiastic about assisting you with your addition project. Our team is readily available with just a phone call, prepared to bring your vision to life.

Our affordable home additions services in Ashton include: 

  • Sunrooms 
  • Decks 
  • Kitchens 
  • Outdoor Kitchens 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Movie Theaters 
  • Family Rooms 
  • Kids Rooms 
  • Entertainment Rooms 
  • Gyms 
  • In-Law Suites 
  • Screened-In porches 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Bump Outs 
  • Offices 
  • Basements 


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Handyman/ Home Improvement Services

Elegant Homes Inc is equipped to tackle a wide range of home improvement projects with expertise and finesse. Renowned as the premier provider of Home Improvement Services in Ashton, Maryland, and recognized as the leading Home Improvement Contractor, we take pride in our ability to deliver outstanding results. Whether it involves replacing siding, roofing, windows, gutters, doors, installing fences, building decks, or repainting exteriors, you can rely on our team to provide exceptional service and craftsmanship. We go beyond merely fixing issues; every project receives our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to ethical practices. 

Here are some of our specialty services for maintaining your home: ● Siding 

  • Sunrooms 
  • Roofing 
  • Screened-In Porches 
  • Windows 
  • Basements 
  • Doors 
  • Bedrooms
  • Decks 
  • Outdoor Living 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Carpentry Work 
  • Kitchens 
  • Fences 
  • Additions 
  • Patios 

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer a range of pricing options to suit your needs. Our pricing structure is transparent and flexible, with three different options based on the specifics and scope of your project. Request a free estimate to receive an accurate quote tailored to your job. 

Our pricing framework includes: 

  • Materials + Labor = Total Cost 
  • All projects come with a 12-month warranty. 
  • If you provide the supplies, we’ll only charge for labor (warranty covers materials provided by us). 
  • We accept various forms of payment, including credit cards, cash, checks, and most other methods (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).
  • Credit card payments can be made over the phone or in person for your convenience. 


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Water Damage

Elegant Homes Inc. specializes in mitigating and restoring water damage caused by storms, floods, or plumbing issues. Our skilled professionals assess the extent of the damage to your property and help you choose the most suitable restoration options. Using advanced equipment, we detect hidden moisture and promptly remove any standing water to minimize further damage. 

Water Damage Restoration: 

  • Install new insulation 
  • Install new drywall 
  • Install trim 
  • Install doors 
  • Paint all areas 
  • Install new carpet or floors. 

Water Damage Mitigation:

  • Leaks diagnosis 
  • Water extraction 
  • Wet drywall removal 
  • Wet insulation removal 
  • Wet carpet and pad removal 
  • Dry wet areas 
  • Dehumidified 
  • Sanitize 
  • Mold remediation 
  • Mold testing 

Why Choose Elegant Homes Inc. for Water Damage Restoration? 

  • Highly Skilled Restoration Professionals: Our team comprises experts trained in salvaging items, expediting drying processes, and meticulously documenting restoration efforts. We specialize in residential water damage restoration. 
  • Dedicated Customer Care: With seasoned professionals in cleanup and restoration, we prioritize your well-being, belongings, and swift return to normalcy following water damage to your home. 
  • Industry-Leading Expertise: We’ve established ourselves as a reputable leader in the restoration sector, boasting specialized knowledge in mold, water and fire damage, specialty cleaning, and more. 


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Affordable new decks in Ashton

Transforming your backyard into a cozy and practical outdoor living area doesn’t have to be a daunting task. From adding a deck or stone patio to installing an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, we’re here to guide you through the process. With our assistance, you can create affordable new decks in Ashton, avail affordable deck repair services or create an affordable screen-in porch. Choose from our following services to enjoy the company of loved ones while basking in the sun and fresh air:

  • Outdoor Sitting Areas 
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Dining Areas 
  • Decks 
  • Patios 
  • Fireplaces or Fire Pits 
  • Fences 
  • Screened-in Porches 
  • Sunrooms


Contact Information 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 301-509-6697 

Website: https://eleganthomes7.com/ 


Whether you’re looking to enhance your indoor living space or create an inviting outdoor oasis, our home improvement and remodeling company is dedicated to making your vision a reality. With our team of skilled professionals and commitment to quality craftsmanship, we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the journey. From concept to completion, we’re here to transform your house into the home of your dreams. Choose Elegant Homes for your next home improvement project, and let us bring your vision to life.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the difference between a renovation and remodel?

Renovation means making good repairs to restore something old (like fixing up a creaky floor). Whereas, remodeling changes the form of something (like adding a new shower to the existing bathroom).

What is the most expensive part of remodeling a house?

Remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, basements or entertainment spaces is expensive because it involves changing of multiple accessories and items.

What is the most remodeled room in a house?

In recent years, bathrooms have emerged as the most remodeled room in a house.