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Us humans like to exhibit all the beautiful stuff we own. It satisfies our esteem needs. And the most vital thing we can own is a beautiful home. Not just from the outside, it needs to be magnificent from the inside as well. And that can be a messy business. To prevent that from happening, home improvement companies exist.

How can a home improvement company help you?

It will save you time and money. How? Well, if you do things yourself and it’s not done right, you’ll have to redo it in a very short time. And that will cost you more money and time.
When you’re in your home where you would rather change some things, it can be stressful being there. But if you’ve renovated or remodeled your home the way you want, your home can give you more peace and calm than anything else. But if you have loud kids then maybe just comfort and joy.

Home upgrades in effect increase the market value of your home.
Technology consistently comes up with energy efficient techniques. So, investing in energy saving utilities would really cut your costs.
Upgrading your home will make you a star in the eyes of your neighbors because, by redecorating your own home you are also increasing the resale value of the whole neighborhood.

If you want all these benefits too and are looking for an amazing one-stop shop, then Elegant Homes Inc. can improve and remodel your house effectively. Having 30+ years of experience, we provide immaculate and high quality service. We are accustomed to remodeling and improving kitchens, bathrooms, and exteriors.
We at Elegant Homes Inc. pay attention to details, so that our customers won’t have to deal with even a small fault. Our contractors are professionally trained. They will make sure that a customer is informed at every step, ensuring absolute satisfaction. Our work will be exactly like your vision, aesthetically pleasing and properly functioning. Your work is to just imagine, our work is to turn your imagination into reality.
We are at your service in Bethesda , Bethesda and so ready to work with you and give your home a magical vibe.


Why Should You Pick us for your kitchen and bathroom remodel in Bethesda?

100+ projects
Provide experienced handymen
Deliver high quality work
Offer customisable services
Budget friendly services
Team of dedicated professionals
Guaranteed results
Complete customer satisfaction
All-inclusive store

Our Services other than kitchen and bathroom remodel in Bethesda

Elegant Homes Inc. is a home improvement company which is highly motivated to produce excellent outcomes and to make the customers fully satisfied. Every house needs a handyman to take care of it in a professional yet nurtured manner. We provide that. Our handymen are skilled in various jobs, from interiors to exteriors like – kitchen and bathroom upgrades, outdoor additions and repairs, everything. We give your home a vibrant energy by upgrading it to your desire. We are swift and neat in our tasks. Our craftsmen can make small spaces nice and efficient, and large spaces comfortable and rich.
Completion time totally depends on the nature of the project. Few repairs and changes can take less than a day or two, and remodeling could take a few months.
Elegant Homes is available all over Montgomery county, Bethesda. Please contact the nearest to your region to gather more information. Following are the services we are specialized in –

Affordable exterior trim repair in Bethesda

Your home requires constant attention and love, the more you pay attention to it and invest in it, your home will give you back the double of that in the form of extended protection against elements and germs. Depending on your choice and preference, the exterior trim can be both decorative or plain. Whether you want to remodel it or repair it, Elegant Homes Inc. in Bethesda , Bethesda is the reliable and reputed option to go with. We provide affordable service. Our handymen are experienced and well equipped to handle anything related to exterior trims.

Affordable deck repair in Bethesda

Good health of your deck is very crucial, as it is the extended beauty of your home. Due to its exposure to the elements, decks require proper and constant maintenance. If you’re going to repair it, do it with the right materials and right workers. Elegant Homes Inc. in Bethesda , Bethesda provides experienced and dedicated workmen who can change the look of your deck with their wealth of experience and affordable service. Our company is licensed and has 30+ years of experience. Our motto is “We are at your service” which signifies that we are a customer-focused company. Contact us for your home improvement projects now!
affordable new decks in Bethesda , Bethesda.

Decks can change the whole look of your house along with enlarging your space for parties, to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, for your kids’ playing, and other stuff. If you got the space just make a call to Elegant Homes Inc. in Bethesda , Bethesda and we shall fashion a fashionable and affordable deck for you. Our experienced craftsmen will design and build you a masterpiece just how you envisioned it. With our effective communication, honest advice, and skill we promise to give you a long-lasting new deck.

Affordable home front porch in Bethesda

Front porch can be so practical. If you’re expecting someone and no one’s home, the visitor can just sit on the patio furniture without getting tired on their feet. Elegant Homes Inc. in Bethesda , Bethesda provides affordable and premium quality services for making a front porch for you. Our skillful handymen only use high quality materials in order to give you the finest porch. We have the experience and the skills to fashion a beautiful front porch for you. Just call us and ask for Paz, he will provide you with the best team we have.

Affordable screen porches in Bethesda

If you like to sit and soak up the sun and fresh air, screen porches are just the thing you need. Sitting in the view of nature yet in the comfort of your home, and away from harmful UV rays, is the best thing we could have asked for in today’s world, where we do want to enjoy nature but don’t have enough time to travel. So we can just sit in our screened-in porches and work, gossip, eat, even play. Contact Elegant Homes Inc. in Bethesda , Bethesda we provide affordable and practical solutions to your problems. Our designers are talented, dependable, and experienced who will provide you with premium screen porches which will match with the theme of your home. We keep our customers involved at every step by establishing good communication and satisfying our customer’s requirements.

Affordable siding repair in Bethesda

Siding repairs is done when there are cracks and damages on sidings due to extreme weather, storms, fallen tree branches, rocks, sports balls, or any other projectiles that can harm your home’s siding. Sometimes, it’s not much of a damage that needs the change of whole siding. Oftentimes, it’s just a portion of them that is damaged, and Elegant Homes Inc. has professionals who know just how to tend to the minimal damages. Especially in Bethesda which receives heavy rainfall and storms. Our dedicated team is affordable and always on time to tend to your problem.

Siding replacement in Bethesda

Siding protects our home by securing its structure, keeping it cool, and by preventing water damage. It protects us from extreme weather and harsh elements. If it is warped, bent, cracked, or sagged, siding needs quick replacement. If the damage is minimal, the siding can be repaired, but not when the damage is substantial and hinders its job. As Bethesda receives severe weather, Elegant Homes Inc. provides swift and high quality service, so that our customers are comforted and satisfied. We have the experience, tools, and personnel to look after the damages your house can go through during extreme weathers. We do our best to restore the splendor of your home.

Affordable home additions garage in Bethesda

Addition of a garage in your home has many benefits.
The biggest one is to store a vehicle.

If you have large tools like landowers or you are particularly handy with tools, you can build a tool space in your garage.
Additional storage for your car supply or seasonal supplies for your home.
Adding a garage can prove to increase the market value of the home.
A separate living space for visitors or renters.

Now that you know the benefits of adding a garage, Elegant Homes Inc. provides affordable services in Bethesda , Bethesda with a wealth of experience which will help you utilize your space effectively. Our craftsmen team are always eager for new projects and dedicated to providing only the best service.

Kitchen remodeling companies in Bethesda

Kitchen is the hub of the home. It provides nourishment to you and your home in the best way possible. It’s the main attraction of the home – whether big or small. The appearance of a kitchen influences the appetite of inhabitants and visitors. If you’re looking to change and strengthen the beauty of your hub, Elegant Homes is the best of companies to go with for remodeling your kitchen in Bethesda , Bethesda. Having experience of more than 30 years, our team provides consultation, maintains effective communication throughout the project, and clean up after themselves.

Kitchen remodel contractors in Bethesda

Designing and maintaining a beautiful kitchen is a huge responsibility. Our designers make sure that you get a kitchen remodeled just like you envisioned it, with proper functionality, and which enhances your living situation. Our contractors in Bethesda , Bethesda keeps you up-to-date and provides you with any assistance you may need. Whether it’s installing the cabinets, countertops, lighting, flooring, or any other service, Elegant Homes are there for you in every step you want to take. We are swift and efficient in what we do, so now you can be stress free.

Kitchen remodeling cost in Bethesda

It is a known fact that an attractive and stylish kitchen takes money. But in modern times we want remodeling done in our budget which is also appealing. Elegant Homes Inc. provides them both and more. In Bethesda , an average-sized kitchen will cost between $25,000 and $40,000. A small kitchen will be between $10,000 and $15,000. Even though it seems like a huge investment, a remodeled kitchen will reimburse itself by increasing the market value of the house.

Kitchen remodel contractors near me in Bethesda

Are you searching for kitchen remodel contractors near me or best kitchen remodeling contractors near me in Bethesda , Bethesda. Then you’re at the right place. Elegant Homes Inc. is the right place for you because we are a customer centric company, with a team of dedicated professionals who are eager to work with you and solve your problems with our expertise. We understand the anxiety behind finishing a project on time and budget, which has aesthetic appeal, and is fully functional. Our team works to completely satisfy our customers by providing only premium service. We work to serve our customers.

Kitchen renovation near me in Bethesda , Bethesda

If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation company near me or best kitchen renovation contractors near me in Bethesda , Bethesda then look no more! You’ve found just the place. However, if you have doubts on which company to choose, we fully understand your need to be cautious and prepared. We’ll make it easy for you. Elegant Homes Inc. is a client-centered company which is motivated to produce satisfying and long-lasting results and increase the customer retention. Our contractors make a skilled and dedicated team which will consult you and provide high quality service all in your budget.

Best kitchen remodelers near me in Bethesda

Are you on google searching for the best kitchen remodelers near me in Bethesda , Bethesda then cease your search. Elegant Homes Inc. provides professional remodelers, who understand your need to make your place look inviting, while staying on the budget, and which is practical too. We complete the work on schedule and clean up after ourselves, so you won’t have to delay resuming your life any longer. Contact us and we shall establish a healthy professional relationship.

Top kitchen remodeler in Bethesda , Bethesda includes Elegant Homes Inc. that provides you with skilled craftsmen who are eager to work with you side-by-side and provide complete satisfaction with your remodeled kitchen. Our designers stay up-to-date with trends and technology, therefore providing the best results to our customers. Our remodelers are all very dedicated and cooperative. We do our best and provide high quality service to our customers as they are most important to us. We have the best of handymen in our remodeling team, who are attuned to creating and recommending the best available in the market. They are aware of the latest trends and the materials required for the job in Bethesda . Elegant Homes Inc. makes sure to complete the project right on time and leave our customers fully satisfied.

Bathroom remodel near me in Bethesda

Do you want a bathroom remodeling done in your home and are searching on the internet for the best ones to provide you best service. Type bathroom remodel near me in Bethesda , Bethesda in your search engine, and you shall find the best and reliable ones in the region. We pride ourselves in our skilled craftsmanship who have completed hundreds of home improvement projects. Our remodelers are experienced and available for jobs like – designing, plumbing,installing, and building. Elegant Homes Inc. can be trusted to provide excellent service at reasonable prices. We are a customer-focused business and our integrity and reputation speak for itself. We are a completely licensed company who knows what they’re doing because we’ve been at this business for over 30 years.

Small bathroom remodel in Bethesda

In today’s world we want to make out the best from small spaces. There are tons of supplies needed nowadays in the bathroom that the space we have is sometimes not enough. Elegant Homes Inc. provides experienced craftsmen who know how to remodel a small bathroom to its full extent and in the best possible functional way. Our designers in Bethesda , Bethesda are experts in fitting and designing cabinets, vanities, showers, or any other additions for small spaces, and to use each corner of the bathroom effectively. We try to make the whole process easy for our customers to provide 100% satisfaction and good results.

We are proficient in all the bases, from showers to toilets to tiles and much more. Our craftsmen will design your bathroom just as you want it, with great functionality and appealing looks. We are a trusted and reputed company that takes well care of their customers.
bathroom renovation cost in Bethesda , Bethesda
Beauty has a price. Whether you are remodeling or renovating your bathroom, you would want it to look more beautiful than it used to before, with high quality materials and long-lasting beauty. Elegant Homes Inc. provides their services at reasonable prices and ensures customer’s satisfaction as well.

Bathroom renovation costs in Bethesda

It will vary from the nature and size of the bathroom to the kinds of repairs to be done and materials to be installed. On average the renovations cost about $5,500 in Bethesda . Typically, for small bathrooms the price is $100 per square feet and for large bathrooms, it is $200 per square feet.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a kitchen remodeling project in Bethesda ?

The price tag of renovating your kitchen in Bethesda can differ significantly based on the extent of the project, the materials employed, and the professional’s charges. Generally speaking, the cost of remodeling your kitchen in Bethesda can range from $20,000 to $60,000 or beyond.

How do I find reputable kitchen remodel contractors in Bethesda ?

To find reputable kitchen remodel contractors in Bethesda , you can start by asking for referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently had their kitchens remodeled. You can also search online for local contractors and read reviews from previous clients.

Can I do a small bathroom remodel in Bethesda on a budget?

Yes, it is possible to do a small bathroom remodel in Bethesda on a budget. Some cost-saving ideas include choosing affordable yet durable materials, repurposing existing fixtures, and minimizing the scope of the project.

How long does a bathroom remodel in Bethesda typically take?

The timeline for a bathroom remodel in Bethesda  can vary depending on the scope of the project, but a typical remodel can take anywhere from two to six weeks.