Best bath and kitchen remodel contractors in Silver Spring

In Silver Spring, Maryland, Elegant Homes, Inc. is the best home remodeling company which offers affordable pricing. Latest technology is inculcated in our remodeling work to make your home a happy place to live. The homes are built in two neighborhoods, one kind in outer neighborhood and the other is in the inner neighborhood. The outer neighborhood houses are traditionally built in big lots with a lot of natural greenery around The trees are preserved even though the construction is done. The inner neighborhood houses are built in smaller lots and Also have a small home. Since the Designers and Architects at Elegant Homes, Inc. are experts in Traditional as well as contemporary architecture and they can remodel to perfection. These houses are created beautifully and are masterpieces of their craftsmanship. Elegant Homes, Inc. creates superb house with their expertise in Silver Spring, Maryland and surrounding Areas. Our affordable pricing, customer oriented approach ,frequent updating about progress of work to customers and in-time deliveries are the reasons for our success in Silver Spring , and surrounding areas in Maryland. We provide the following services in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Affordable exterior trim repair in Silver Spring
  • Affordable deck repair in Silver Spring
  • Affordable new decks in Silver Spring
  • Affordable home front porch in Silver Spring
  • Affordable screen porches in Silver Spring
  • Affordable siding replacement in Silver Spring
  • Affordable home additions garage in Silver Spring
  • Affordable kitchen remodeling.
  • Affordable bathroom remodeling.

At Elegant Homes, Inc. the expert designers will change your dreams into a symbol of your superior taste. We provide quick quotes and local service technicians to complete your work in time.


Why choose our kitchen and bathroom contractors in Silver Spring

The Exterior of a house is the part with the most critical impression on visitors. However, Trim repair and painting are especially tedious. Elegant Homes Inc. professionals at Silver Spring, though, can align the process plan for your exterior trim with your needs and budget. With our Team, you economize on time, material and money.
Involve the Elegant experts in your exterior improvement to know more!

Affordable deck repair in Silver Spring

Keeping an outdoor portion like the deck of your house spick and span means regular maintenance headaches. In the Silver Spring neighborhood, there could be contractors doing an aspect of deck maintenance, but searching for a contractor handling the array of tasks for deck repair- from masonry to tiles laying to staining to painting – will have to reach Elegant Homes Inc. alone. Our professionals handle every bit of these aspects of deck maintenance with care and finesse. What’s more, our customers’ decks are their impressive best with little burden on their pockets!
Get us on board for a New-look Deck!

Affordable new decks in Silver Spring

The outdoor space of your house needs to be as eye-catching as the interiors. Deck design is a vital part of that living space. But putting up new decks can consume a big chunk of your home budget. But Silver Spring residents have little to worry about since Elegant Homes Inc. can cater to their deck needs at the lowest prices around. From design choice to finish laying, our pros take care of all the facets of the deck setting.
Consult us to know the real Exterior Maintenance Budget!

Affordable home front porch in Silver Spring

A spacious and innovatively planned front porch augments your house design. Setting up such a front porch during home improvements can destroy the finish and spell a real dent in housing expenses too! Added to this can be the mismatches between the renovated porch and the rest of the house. At Silver Spring, Elegant Homes maneuvers its clients through these hassles. Our clients can hold onto their choices in designs, materials and work processes at very competitive charges. Moreover, the seamless merger of the Exterior with the interior survives untouched!
Have an Impressive Front Porch your House Deserves at a Cost you can Afford!

Affordable Screened Porches in Silver Spring

Home is a place of peace and happiness. It is a lifetime achievement for any one. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides unmatched service to remodel and protect your place of peace and comfort through the best possible processes of renovation. The remodeling teams notice every issue carefully and then plan a remodeling service. We are mindful of our commitments towards remodeling your home and keeping up with the schedules meticulously. We at Elegant Homes, Inc. monitor the remodeling regularly, and inform the customers about the progress of work. Being licenced and insured as a reputed company, Elegant Homes, Inc. is one of its kind in outstanding home remodelers in Silver Spring. There is a strict code-of-conduct which binds the employees to handle the various remodeling projects with great care and innovation. This discipline is the foundation for Elegant Homes, Inc. In becoming the top most remodelers of
homes in Silver Spring and the other areas in Maryland. Appointments with the service provider will reduce the gap between the thoughts and the aspirations of the customer and the contractor and help to design your home requirements to suit your preferences. You can contact us by submitting an easy form to get an affordable quote.We will be happy to have you among our satisfied customers.

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Services our kitchen and bathroom remodel contractors in Silver Spring provide

Elegant Homes, Inc. provides the following service.

  • Affordable basement services
  • Affordable exterior trim repairs
  • Addition of garages.
  • Repair and maintenance of fences.
  • Affordable roofing.
  • Repair and maintenance of doors and windows.
  • Repair and remodeling of decks and patios.
  • Affordable remodeling of Kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Affordable carpentry work.

Affordable exterior trim repairs in Silver Spring

The external beauty of the house depends on exterior trims of the house. People passing by the house will be impressed by the looks of your home ,if it has good exterior trims.Elegant Homes, Inc. takes pride in providing exceptionally beautiful exterior trim service to homes in Silver Spring and the surrounding areas.Our exterior trim repairs are affordable and durable.With the artistic remodeling services, Elegant homes, Inc. creates magnificent homes by remodeling your old home.Our design experts help you to decide on your remodeling requirements by understanding your budget constraints.Remodeling services can be adjusted to suit your budget without sacrificing your dream about a beautiful home. Acceptable alternative services can be provided to make your dreams come true. Contact us at 301-504-6697.

Door repairs and installation of new ones

We install new doors and also repair old ones. The patio doors, sliding doors, shower doors are repaired with great care. We also install pet doors,and automatic door closers. Elegant Homes, Inc. Also provides services for painting the doors and give a new look 

Window repairs and installation of new ones

Windows increase the flow of wind and natural light into a home.Elegant Homes, Inc. provides repair and installation of window frames, and shutters.We provide services for hanging of blinds, curtains, and drapes.We also provide services for weatherproofing the windows.

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Affordable deck repairs in Silver Spring

To create more space,decks are added to the exterior of a home. The changes in climate will cause rotting of the deck wood and peeling of paint. This makes the decks look dirty. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides affordable services to build new decks, repair old decks, painting of decks and maintenance. Newly painted decks provide an enjoyable place with family and friends. Scientifically treated yellow Pine or C-Select Pine can be used to make a new deck. These Pine decks add elegance to the exterior of a home. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides best warranties for these products for a long life of the deck. We also provide service for painting the deck, staining and finishing. Call us at 301-504-6697.


Front porches add stylishness to a home. Many varieties of solutions can be provided for home by these outdoor porches. To give a grand look to homes, the interior of a home is extended to create front porches. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides specialist services in installation of porches at an affordable price. Free consultation is available to customers who wish to remodel their front porches. Call for a home visit for consultation and measurement of premises. Detailed
framing and drawing will be provided to the customer by the project designer. The size and scope of the remodeling determines the cost and the time required to complete the work. After completing the work Elegant Homes,inc will provide for walk through to check every aspect of the remodeling and to be sure about all the issues being attended to by the workmen and no loose ends left.

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Affordable screen porches in Silver Spring

Screen porches are nothing but screen rooms. Screen porches are constructed on the outside of a home. These porches are meant for enjoyment of the exterior beauty. The screen porches protect the people from sun, bugs and flies.The screen porches allow viewing the swimming pool and other beautiful surroundings near the home. People opt for Screen rooms to spend time with family and friends outside of their home. Screen porches have many aspects of utility like for reading a book, spending quality time with family and entertaining friends. Elegant Homes, Inc. can remodel this place into a beautiful relaxing area of your home. A flexible covered and open area can be installed by the technicians and workmen of Elegant Homes, Inc. An exposed deck can be screened- in to make this screen porches. A roof tie-in is provided to these sunrooms or screen porches to protect from the heat of sun. Material in suitable designs and good colors are used for this purpose. The choice of trims and electrical fittings will determine the cost. This work needs great expertise and aesthetic sense to make good screen porches. The workmen at Elegant Homes, Inc. have this excellence to do the best job. Call us now at 301-504-6697.

Affordable home siding replacement in Silver Spring

The cladding and siding give protection to the interior materials in a home.It also protects from natural climatic perils during storms, heavy rains and snowfall. If the sidings are not good, the the interior of the home gets spoilt.The home improvement specialists employed with Elegant Homes,Inc. Will fix are replace the sidings effortlessly to protect your home and your family from these hazards.With latest styles, good materials and our utmost care, with effective
installation techniques, we protect you from these calamities.We always have your safety as our greatest priority.We provide sidings made from natural and non-toxic materials to take care of your health and well being. These sidings can withstand the changes in climate and protect your home.


  • PVC sidings:

These sidings are less weight. They are very easy to maintain. These sidings can be used for low cost renovation.

  • Timber or Engineered wood sidings:

Scientifically treated engineered wood looks like natural Cedar. It is termite resistant and durable. This siding does not crack or rot.It needs no painting. As an alternative to wood, fiber cement can also be used to give a wooden look.

  • Masonry sidings:

These sidings are made from bricks or stone to protect the home in rough weather. These also save energy and minimize sound. These sidings are expensive but very durable. Veneers and solid stones are also used to make these sidings.

  • Aluminum Sidings:

These are fire proof, water, and termite resistant, do not rot or corrode. Cost depends on thickness, style and color. Durability makes these sidings preferable to customers. Customers do not mind spending more because these are very durable. Call us for a free consultation at 301-504-6697.

  • Steel sidings:

These are very durable. They do not blister, crack, warp, or chip. These are maintenance free. There are many colors and styles available in these sidings. Seamless steel siding is also offered by Elegant homes, Inc.These look elegant and are the latest innovations. Though they are expensive, many customers prefer these because of durability.

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Top kitchen remodeler in Silver Spring

Kitchen gadgets and products change frequently. After using a kitchen for many years you wish to have a new look or the kitchen itself may need repairs. The rebuilding contractors are experts in remodeling a kitchen and giving it a new look. Elegant homes, Inc, craftsmen pride themselves in providing this service to the greatest satisfaction of the customer. Visit the kitchen design center of Elegant homes, inc. To make a selection from multiple options to remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen islands by the best kitchen remodelers near me in Silver Spring

Kitchen Islands are built to give extra storage, and to create a small dining place. It has a multipurpose utility. Artistically, Islands are created by the superior workmen of Elegant homes, Inc. In Silver Spring. Small kitchens have more utility of mobile kitchen carts. Elegant Homes, inc. provides beautiful countertops to add elegance to your kitchens. The countertops are available in Quartz, granite and marble, which are in beautiful colors and textures which are very durable. Proper installation of the countertops is done by experienced workmen.

Time taken to install 3-4 days.

Installation of cabinet doors by top kitchen remodeler in Silver Spring 

A kitchen needs a lot of storage space. Cabinets can provide good storage place for kitchen utilities. The doors of the cabinets can either be of shaker style, inset style, or of flat panel style. A kitchen can be renovated partially or entirely. Cabinets can be given a good makeover by installing doors and other hardware to improve its utility and performance. To increase storage, a kitchen remodeling agency can provide additional cabinets.

Installation time :3-4 days.

Repairing kitchen backsplash installation by top kitchen remodeler in Silver Spring

Without proper backsplashes the walls can get damaged with water and grease and others. This makes the kitchen look shabby. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides backsplashes in many colors and designs. Glass Kitchen backsplashes are preferred because they cost less and are very pleasing. They last longer than tile backsplashes.

Installation and repairs of light fixtures by kitchen remodel contractors in Silver Spring

Lights make your home look beautiful in their warm glow. The specialists at Elegant Homes, Inc.can guide you in outdoor and indoor lighting. We provide energy saving designs and also provide long time warranties. The experts at Elegant Homes, Inc. create lighting in a concept style with suitable fixtures.

Best choice for bathroom remodel in Silver Spring

With more than thirty years of experience, the design team of Elegant Homes, inc. can remodel traditional and modern bathrooms to perfection. They can, with very great expertise, create space in a small bathroom and furnish it accordingly. Elegant Homes, Inc. which is a licenced an insured company is sought after for good bathroom renovation. Elegant Homes,inc. offers the following services in bathroom renovation.

  • Bathroom Countertops and repairs.
  • Replacing bathroom fans.
  • Fixing leaks in plumbing.
  • Caulking.
  • Repairing and installation of shower doors.
  • Shower repairs.
  • Fixing fixtures and vanities.
  • Bathroom flooring and tiling.
  • Bathroom walk in tubs .
  • Sinks.
  • Lighting and mirrors.

The expert craftsmen in Elegant Homes, small breakages carefully so that they are invisible in the finished product.

Repair of bathroom fans for small bathroom remodel in Silver Spring

After using the bathroom for some years the fans and fixtures become dirty. Sometimes they may be needed to replace. Elegant Homes, Inc., with their expert service take care of all these issues to make the bathroom look neat and clean with functional gadgets. Bathrooms require regular maintenance. We provide maintenance services for the upkeep of your bathroom.

Contact us at 301-504-6697.

Fixing leaks in plumbing by best bathroom contractors in Silver Spring

Walls and fixtures get damaged because of leaks in plumbing. Molds may also grow on wet walls. Dampness in bathrooms also creates a bad odor. The bathroom is a place where you relax in a bathtub full of warm water after a hard day’s work. Hence the bathroom should be very neat and tidy. The plumbing experts at Elegant Homes, inc. can give a wonderful service and tackle these issues efficiently to stop all leakages and make your bathroom cozy and

Caulking by bathroom remodeling contractors near me in Silver Spring

If caulking is damaged for a bathtub, it allows water to seep into floors which are beneath and also damage walls and fixtures. The caulking services provided by Elegant Homes, Inc. use specialized methods to control this damage and remove stains from the bathtub to make it sparklingly clean.

Repair and installation of shower doors

Old doors leak water from their hinges and tracks which wets the floor of the bathroom.The Elegant Homes, Inc . provides services to repair the shower doors and stop leakages which make the bathroom floor wet.

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Installation and repair of tiles

Broken floor tiles spoil the look of a bathroom. They also allow water to leak through them. Broken tiles and backsplashes damage the bathrooms greatly. The tiles need to be either repaired or replaced if the damage is more. Elegant Homes, inc. Provides good services to solve these issues and beautify the bathroom. Various kinds of tiles like stone tiles, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles can be used to add beauty to your bathroom. To stop the damage to bathrooms the backsplash needs to be replaced and the workmen will do it in an expert manner.

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Installation and repairs of toilets in Silver Spring

Old toilets are replaced with new units by the workmen of Elegant Homes, Inc. In a very careful manner to avoid any breakages. They can also repair the toilets and add more functionality to them.

Drywall repairs and finish in Silver Spring

Professional service men from elegant homes, inc. Provide service in drywall repair drywall installation, drywall patching, painting and prep finishing. Wallboards are also repaired by these workers carefully so that the decor of the bathroom is not disturbed.


A remodeling project heavily depends on the cost of remodeling of a home. A major renovation of a home will cost a lot of money, time and patience for the customer. But if the home is designed and hand-crafted, it makes the customer very happy and proud of the dream home. Every project is unique with monetary capabilities of the customers and their ever changing dreams about their home. Elegant Homes, Inc. has three pricing options they are formulated by taking into consideration the necessities of the customer and the financial leverage. Request a personalized consultation for your dream home.

Kitchen remodeling cost in Silver Spring

The average kitchen remodeling cost in Silver Spring ranges from $20,000 to $60,000, depending on the scope of the project, materials used, and labor costs. However, this is just an estimate and the actual cost can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the kitchen, the quality of materials used, the complexity of the design, and the extent of the renovation. It is always best to consult with local top kitchen remodeler in Silver Spring and get multiple quotes to get an accurate estimate of the cost of a kitchen renovation in Silver Spring.

Bathroom renovation cost in Silver Spring

The average cost for a bathroom remodel in Silver Spring ranges from $9,000 to $22,000, depending on the scope of the project, materials used, and labor costs. It is always best to consult with local bathroom contractors in Silver Spring, and get multiple quotes to get an accurate estimate of the cost of a bathroom renovation in Silver Spring.

Call us at 301-504-6697.


The pricing is calculated by the cost of material used and the wages of labor. Elegant homes, Inc, has an affordable pricing to suit the needs of customers from various strata of the community.If materials are supplied by the contractor, a twelve- month warranty will be provided. If the customer provides material only labor charges will be billed but no warranty will be given for the material provided by the customer. Payments can be made through credit cards or can be done through credit cards on the phone. We give a free hand for customers to choose the mode of payment which suits them. It’s a great achievement in one’s life to own a home. But owning a beautiful home is the pride of the owner, But it’s a great blessing to own a home with few issues. We at Elegant Homes, Inc. try our best to provide the best services in remodeling your dream home. Our aim is to earn your trust by our sincere efforts in providing what you wish for. We continuously train our designers and workmen to make them up-to-date with the latest renovation techniques and modern styles.

When some issues of repair arise, customers get disturbed by the costs they need to incur to get the repairs done. To reduce this unforeseen expenditure the customer decides to do the repair by himself. But the customer is not as well trained as the handyman service providers. So the repairs may not turn out to be good. In the long run the handyman services will prove to be profitable and there may not occur repairs for many years to come. To get seamless repairs
done, a handyman service should be preferred. Repairs like washing a deck or cleaning roofs can cause accidents if one is not used to doing such chores. Because of vast experience, a a handyman can easily manage these tasks without getting injured. Home repair agencies are aware of new trends and gadgets available to do their work efficiently. The handyman services
can offer efficient home remodeling or repair services. These services complete the given schedule as per the schedule. Engaging a home remodeling service and asking for handyman services for repairs is a wise decision for the customer. Engage Elegant homes, Inc. to renovate your home and repair the things the way you want them to be repaired.This will give peace of mind and happiness while staying in your dream home. Call us on 301-504-6697


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