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Home Improvement and Remodeling Services has now acquired a new name – ‘Elegance Homes’ – in and around Montgomery County, Maryland. An unfailing customer commitment, coupled with entrenched professionalism at Elegance Homes, has backed our legacy of over 30 long years in the field. Our stand-out feature of customer orientation in budget, service and timeline has set the stage for us to reach out to hundreds of neighborhoods in various cities like Olney. Besides, we are not only customized but also localized in our service focus. The experience that our unit of professionals has gained functioning in cities like Darnestown, Spencerville and others reflects itself in the services extended in areas like Olney,
Elegance Homes provides a holistic service in home improvement, remodeling and handyman categories. Nevertheless, each of these covers varied aspects: remodeling contract, for instance, includes bathroom, kitchen and room annexation remodeling. No scale of work is trivial or overwhelming for our workforce. Be it ceiling or deck repair, or a complete home redesign, every task is attended to with utmost concern by Elegant precisionists.
Olney has reasons to take pride in having Elegance Homes around: we are 100+ Five-star review holders in a field wherein sticklers for details are rare to find. Our exceptional customer feedback has ensured our place as a leading remodeling enterprise in Olney!

Elegant Homes for the best kitchen and bathroom remodel in Olney

  • Olney gets Expertise gained over the whole of Montgomery County
  • Veterans of 30+ years in remodeling
  • A Locally-focused Locally-owned Enterprise
  • Stupendous 110+ 5-star Reviews
  • Cost-effective Quality and Commitment
  • Single Stop Service for A-Z of Remodeling
  • End-to-end Service from Permit to Finish
  • Ingenious Design Options and Meticulous Execution
  • Proven Efficiency and Reliability

Services other than kitchen and bathroom remodel in Olney

Elegant Homes serves Customer-specificity. We understand that customer needs can range from fixing a scratch to overhauling a structure. So, in Olney, too, we are area-contract-client specific. We offer Expertise in every aspect of Home Improvement and Remodeling. We partner with our customers in realizing their visions of a revamped or replaced part of their homes. In this connection, we deal in:

  • Home Additions
  • Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Trim Repair And Replacement
  • Deck Repair and Replacement
  • Porch Improvement


Affordable Exterior Trim Repair in Olney

The Exterior of a house is the part with the most critical impression on visitors. However, Trim repair and painting are especially tedious. Elegant Homes Inc. professionals at Olney, though, can align the process plan for your exterior trim with your needs and budget. With our Team, you economize on time, material and money.
Involve the Elegant experts in your exterior improvement to know more!

Affordable deck repair in Olney

Keeping an outdoor portion like the deck of your house spick and span means regular maintenance headaches. In the Olney neighborhood, there could be contractors doing an aspect of deck maintenance, but searching for a contractor handling the array of tasks for deck repair- from masonry to tiles laying to staining to painting – will have to reach Elegant Homes Inc. alone. Our professionals handle every bit of these aspects of deck maintenance with care and finesse. What’s more, our customers’ decks are their impressive best with little burden on their pockets!
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Affordable new decks in Olney

The outdoor space of your house needs to be as eye-catching as the interiors. Deck design is a vital part of that living space. But putting up new decks can consume a big chunk of your home budget. But Olney residents have little to worry about since Elegant Homes Inc. can cater to their deck needs at the lowest prices around. From design choice to finish laying, our pros take care of all the facets of the deck setting.
Consult us to know the real Exterior Maintenance Budget!

Affordable home front porch in Olney

A spacious and innovatively planned front porch augments your house design. Setting up such a front porch during home improvements can destroy the finish and spell a real dent in housing expenses too! Added to this can be the mismatches between the renovated porch and the rest of the house. At Olney, Elegant Homes maneuvers its clients through these hassles. Our clients can hold onto their choices in designs, materials and work processes at very competitive charges. Moreover, the seamless merger of the Exterior with the interior survives untouched!
Have an Impressive Front Porch your House Deserves at a Cost you can Afford!

Affordable Screened Porches in Olney

Screened porch of your house extends your home interiors. We help our Olney clients plan to screen their porches to suit the conditions of the region. Though an extension work, under our supervision, the screened porch addition just emerges as house enlargement. Each dimensional calibration shall be finalized over elaborate discussions with the customer. As ever, Elegant Homes ensures that this entertainment space is cost-effective.
Turn your Exterior into a more Spacious but Low-cost Interior!

Affordable Siding Repair in Olney

The wear and tear caused by the weather conditions of Olney test the endurance of your siding. This often calls for some restoration work. The seasoned Elegant Homes team can fix the rot in the wood and put in place the drip cap, the fascia, the boards and battens etc., with clinical craftsmanship. The work accomplished would leave the externals of the house finer and tougher than earlier. Whether your siding is Vinyl or Timber or Wood Siding or PVC or Fiber Cement kind, our specialists can handle them all with precision and elan. The hurt that weather or children caused on the walls of your house and your heart alike will vanish at a forgettable cost!
Get Your Exteriors well-sealed with Elegant Homes!

Siding Replacement in Olney

Side replacement is one of the burdensome tasks for a customer going for home improvement. The feasibility of such replacement can be ensured only by a professional-to-the-core squad like Elegant Homes Inc. in Olney. Any type of siding- the stone, the stucco, the masonry siding or the entire gamut of sidings- name any, and our experts can replace your rotten or damaged sidings with the best your budget can envision for your dream home. Your house externals shall be more than prepared for the tough weather in Olney!
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Affordable Home Additions Garage in Olney

A garage to be added to your current house can cause worries about the structural tampering. If you reside in Olney, and if you have similar anxiety, rest assured that Elegant Homes veterans can add a flexible, requisite garage to your great satisfaction. Your need – of a Compact or a Standard or an Oversized garage – will be addressed. This convenience will also be the most economical in Olney.
Protect your Vehicles while Preserving your Home appearance

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Olney

Elegant Homes’ projects with hundreds of customers place us as the most efficient contractors in Kitchen Remodeling in and around Olney. We thrive in not just adopting the latest technology in Kitchen overhauling but also inventing customized modifications of the technology and designs adopted. A comparison between the track record and price of Elegant experts’ work and of other companies in Olney will reveal the trust and satisfaction that Elegant has achieved over these long years in the field.

Elegant specialists understand the significance of the Kitchen in Olney households. Partnering with the client, we help the cabinets, countertops, lighting, faucets and others sync with one another to emerge as a complete and effective kitchen workspace. We recognize that every dream home would have its unique additions and deletions. Hence we allow for time, space and energy exclusively meant for each customer’s ‘something ultra’. Hiring the Elegant Homes experts will never leave the owner in regrets!
Realize the Visions of Your Dream Home again with Elegant Homes!

Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Olney

Perfect Kitchen is the hallmark of family health and happiness.So repair and revamp of your kitchen is a must for a happy home. The Olney neighborhood needs to go no farther than Elegant Homes Inc. for their Kitchen Remodel requirements. Our experts work along with the owners to ensure customer contentment regarding both cost and quality. Right from designing to material to execution, every phase of remodeling of your kitchen is carefully monitored by the most experienced of the workforce at Elegant Homes. We have had a tremendous record of ensuring Kitchen performance of our customer households. After all, Elegant Homes Inc. is the second name of commitment and perfection!

We offer services in reshaping your kitchen’s:

  • Pantry Area
  • Preparation Area
  • Cooking Area
  • Sink Area

Call us in to Get Your Kitchen Suit Your Changing Needs!

Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Olney

Remodeling of Kitchen, the heart of your house in Olney, can be hefty in terms of cost, especially if it is a modular kitchen. Elegant Homes Inc. at Olney can, however, lighten your budgetary burden with the remodeling. Be it Linear, U-shaped or L-shaped, our technicians at Elegant can bring about the best modular scheme after remodeling so as to incorporate all your appliances without a hitch. Elegant experts ensure that your kitchen, even if traditional earlier, looks modern, with the small but impactful details like:

  • Thin Countertops
  • Insert Handles
  • New Technologies in drawers, lighting etc.

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Experienced Kitchen Remodel Contractors near me in Olney

Planning a remodeling of your kitchen requires a careful selection of the Contractor needed. In Olney, your search is easy as Elegant Homes Inc. is the benchmark in the trade in this region. Elegant Homes has a reputation of 110+ 5 star Reviews from its customers over its 30+ year functioning. Those years reflect the Expertise, experience and accomplishments we have registered. Moreover, all our Kitchen remodeling work resurrects your old kitchens at the most reasonable cost in the region.

We work with the owners in planning, budgeting and executing the most functional of kitchens. Our professionals are top-notch experts in modular kitchen types like the Linear, L-shaped, U-shaped, Island and so on.
Take us in, and your Kitchen shall be ours to work on!

Satisfied customers

Olney, the most feasible solution is the most seasoned Contractor in the neighborhood, Elegant Homes Inc. With a long-sustained quality over the last three decades, Elegant Homes has been satisfying each customer they partner with. The pro-approach our Team demonstrates in work has garnered them over a hundred 5 Star Reviews. Such customer contentment has been possible only due to commitment, stickler’s attention to details and customer orientation in every little thing on the project.

Elegant Homes keeps all the services transparent, customized and economical on the client. We deal in the latest layouts of kitchen types ranging from the One-wall or the Gallery, from the Peninsula or the Island, from the U-shaped to the L-shaped. The component parts we design and install are faucets, cabinets, tiles, chimneys and others. Hence our service is compact and complete in every way. Hence, have no doubt that Elegant Homes is the best Kitchen Remodeler in Olney.

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Top Kitchen Remodeler in Olney, unbeatable experience

Olney has its top Kitchen Remodeler in Elegant Homes Inc. The name symbolizes competence, credibility and cost-effectiveness. Given our service of 30 years, the fact that we at Elegant have won consistent customer appreciation speaks volumes about our work culture. Customer’s choice, ideas, budget and functional requirements are our top priority.

The pros at Elegant Homes partner the owner in remodeling their kitchen. Right from design to final finish, our consultants regularly ascertain owner satisfaction. We take up:

  • Laying of kitchen tiles
  • Installation of Chimneys
  • Installation of Faucets
  • Installation of Wooden or Metal Cabinets
  • Installation of Burners

And many more services. Further, under each of these services, we offer sub-varieties of material, like hardwood or plywood or particle wood etc under wooden cabinets. Therefore, providing a comprehensive service that reckons with customer’s budget and priorities, we at Elegant think we have a right to stake a claim to topper position in Kitchen Remodeling.
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Bathroom Remodel Near Me in Olney

A highly private area for the family, the bathroom of a house requires an overall appeal that soothes like the shower in it does! Maintenance of the neatness of a bathroom is quite difficult. Hence frequent remodeling of the bathroom is common. Families located in Olney can hire the Elegant Homes experts for the job since they are indisputably the most efficient in the area. Elegant Homes has been diligently working on hundreds of Remodeling projects for the last 30 years. Even some of their experts have had near-a-decade or over-a-decade experience with the same Team, reshaping our customers’ dream homes. Our Elegant Team has always recorded optimum client satisfaction.

Elegant Homes offers services under Bathroom Remodeling in installing or repairing:

  • Drywalls
  • Lights
  • Leaking pipes and faucets
  • Showers
  • Floor tiles
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Mirrors

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Small Bathroom Remodel in Olney

Olney can relax when it comes to catching hold of that ever- elusive Bathroom Remodeling Contractor with commitment and concern for even minor tasks. But Elegant Homes Inc. in Olney has had the long experience of over three decades to know that working on the small Bathroom Remodeling Projects only strengthens the customer base the Contractor has! Evidence? The excellent feedback from our 160 customers that Elegant experts have worked for!

Irrespective of the size or lavishness intended, we discuss the design and finish the customer expects meticulously, and implement it to the last detail. We work on the repair and replacement of

  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Tiles
  • Tubs

Depending on the budget of the owner. However, never do we compromise on the material integrity or our service quality.
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Unbeatable experience

One of the top service providers in Bathroom Remodeling in the state, Elegant Homes Inc. is in Olney too. Elegant Team has been working rigorously in the trade, winning remodeling contracts thanks to its customer commitment. The experienced technicians at Elegant work on every aspect of bathrooms, beginning with the tiles and paints to the installation of faucets and showers. All these tasks are invariably done in consultation, at every step, with the client.

More significantly, all our services are customer-budget conscious. Providing excellent finished products with great promptness, punctuality and cost-effectiveness has brought us 110+ 5 Star Reviews in Home Remodeling.
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Bathroom Renovation Cost in Olney

Bathroom Renovation Cost is essentially dependent on the nature of the work, time consumption and personnel needed. Generally, a primary bath in Olney would cost around $2000 per sq. ft., while a small portion repair or remodeling may not cost so much. This being a rough estimate, it must be clarified that even the size of the bathroom has a significant bearing on the cost of our service.

What we assure you at Elegant Homes is our best service at the lowest rate in the trade and in the region of Olney. Our economical service alone has helped us record the impressive customer feedback you can look up on our portal.

Services by Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Olney

One can understand that the bathroom is the most maintenance demanding of one’s house. But it is also the most challenging part, considering maintenance. Families in Olney can, however, rely on the most trusted of traders – the Elegant Homes experts- for handling the challenge. For the last 30 years, Elegant Homes has been dealing in Home Improvement and Remodeling, and Bathroom Remodeling has been our niche area of work. Our seasoned specialists in the field work along the guidelines of our customers in repairing or relaying their bathrooms’:

  • Flooring
  • Tubs
  • Faucets
  • Lighting
  • Showers and so on.

Elegant Homes Inc. is the One-stop Contractor for all your needs related to Bathroom Remodeling in Olney. Residents of Olney need just to approach us to uplift every detail of their bathroom in the most economical but fashionable way. The veteran Team of Elegant Homes has consultations with you, offers you the designs, plans and budget for the task assigned, and gets to diligent work on your nod. The execution part also has regular consultations with the owners.
We deal in the remodeling – repairing and replacing – of every component of our customers’ bathrooms in Olney. Laying of Tiled Floor, Installation of Faucets, Choice of Bathtubs, repair and replacement of Showers- you name the work, we give it to you within your timeline.
The services we extend are so customized that customers who hire us for once have approached for every subsequent maintenance work regarding their bathroom and other house improvement tasks.
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Customer friendly Bathroom Contractors Near Me in Olney

Elegant Homes Inc is the most customer-friendly Contractor for Bathroom remodeling requirements in the Olney neighborhood. The specialists of Elegant Homes deal in all aspects of bathroom repair and renovation. We understand the value of time and appeal to our customers. So our services of repairing or installation of:

  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Bathroom vanities

They are all done in a prompt, customized manner. All these are done with a view to keeping them light on the client’s wallet.
Contact us to Realize Your Plans for an Appealing Bathroom.


One of the leading contractors in Home Improvement and Remodeling in the Montgomery region, Elegant Homes has not acquired a niche for itself in the trade. Extending their services to the outer localities, Elegant Homes have now become a sought-after contractor in Olney as well. Elegant Homes has turned synonymous with die-hard professionalism, customer sensitivity and a considerate economy. Hiring Elegant experts is inviting them to partner in remodeling. It surely is going to be a rewarding experience taking up your home improvement in Olney with the Elegant Homes crew. They will give no reason for regrets but hundreds to relish!