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Are you looking to remodel your home?

Whether the condition of your home is making your mind stressed?

Is the interior looking shabby and making you unhappy?

You are looking at the right place.

Elegant Homes is the right place for you.

Aesthetics always matter with homes. If you come to an uncleaned or messy home after your long hours of work, you will be feeling miserable. So it’s always best to keep your home the way ‌you like. Decorating it and cleaning it to your liking will automatically fill you with happiness. 

Although you adore your home, it may be beginning to age. Our skilled home improvement professionals can build whatever you may imagine.


Why Choose Elegant Homes as your preferred partner

Elegant Homes has been helping its clients for more than 30 years with home improvements and remodeling of houses. We provide the services according to the taste of customers. The main areas of business are bathroom, kitchen, and room remodeling. Our services have been satisfying around 100 plus customers. A dedicated team of professionals is always available to assist customers. The satisfied customers who have given 5-star reviews are more than 100. 

We rank the top among kitchen remodeling companies in Barnesville.

You can contact as at 301-509-6697



Our Services 

We always provide high-quality services to our customers at affordable rates. We have been dedicated to providing the best services to our clients. Transforming your home into your dream space is something we can help you with. Our team has extensive experience in tailoring your home to your individual taste. You can expect outstanding service and premium products from us. 

Our services include:


Affordable exterior trim repair in Barnesville

Trim is a thin strip of material that hides any cracks, rough edges, and other flaws. Additionally, your home’s inside and exterior both feature trim. Exterior trim is often thought of as a finishing seam that seals your roofline, windows, and doors to keep moisture out. Trim is known for being aesthetically pleasing because it provides decorative frills of a sort to the various buildings in your home, but it’s more than simply pretty to look at. 

Your indoor and outdoor living areas would lose any additional layer of weather protection without it, in addition to looking bare and lifeless. 


Do you have a trim that is damaged or missing?


The trim on home exteriors, in particular, will be subjected to deterioration over time. Extreme weather and pest damage are what it is most vulnerable to. Over time, trim frequently becomes loose, crack, or shatter. Even some trim may go without being discovered right away. Most external trim is not designed to withstand constant wind, rain, and temperature changes. Typically, any trim that was already on your house when you initially bought it will be constructed of low-quality wood that rapidly rots after only a few years.


Excellent repair services are provided by Elegant Homes. Our repair services guarantee high-quality home improvement whether it is merely a repair or a replacement of the trim entirely. Our aim is to provide trim repair and replacement services that are quick secure which is long lasting.


Affordable deck repair in Barnesville

A small investment, some creativity, and your own time are frequently all that are required to give your deck a brand-new appearance. Call us 301-509-6697 right away if you want affordable deck repair in Barnesville. For all of your deck repair projects and more, you can rely on Elgent Homes.

A deck shouldn’t be a noisy or insecure area to spend those warm summer evenings with your family and friends. It may be time for the homeowner to think about fixing the deck if it appears to be sinking in the middle, the boards are uneven, or it generally looks very unkempt. The cost of deck repair will be significantly influenced by how much work is required. But we can always work within your budget.


Affordable new decks in Barnesville

Affordable new Decks in Barnesville have been installed in different neighbourhoods and we offer the highest-quality materials while having little negative environmental impact.

Our main goal is to make the most of your living space while spending as little money as possible.


We believe that cellular PVC is a more advantageous solution than composite materials for the climate in Barnesville. In terms of stain and scratch resistance, moisture and mold resistance, bug free, won’t decay, doesn’t sag, and won’t expand and contract, PVC decking virtually eliminates the drawbacks of wood and other composites. To guarantee that you get the ideal new deck for your house, we work with a wide range of materials. 

Our licensed and insured staff manages the project from beginning to end, so you never have to be concerned about unreliable subcontractors. We install new decks of all kinds as an expert deck builder, including


  • Composite Decks
  • Cedar Decks
  • Hardwood Decks

We partner with the most reputable brands and producers in the country to ensure that your new deck installation looks fantastic and lasts for many years. Call us right away to receive your free quote and discover for yourself why everyone chose us for deck construction.


Affordable home front porch in Barnesville

The front porch creates the first impression by serving as the first “space” to greet visitors. It functions similarly to a foyer in that it extends your interior home before you approach the main living space. The living space could be increased by converting a porch into a gathering area. 

We offer affordable home front porch services in Barnesville for updating the front porches of your home.

Avoid taking chances with unregistered tradespeople. We are a licensed and insured company. We provide the following types of porches: 

  • Covered open front porch- The most common and traditional style of porch is an open, covered front porch. When imagining a porch design, many homeowners start by picturing open porches. This porch has an overhanging roof that is joined to the home. Despite the absence of walls, this porch frequently has a railing to help define the space and keep people safe.
  • Screened front porch- A covered front porch that has a metal screen in the open spaces is referred to as a screened front porch. 
  • Enclosed front porch- The walls of a front porch that is enclosed are semi-solid, similar to those of a sunroom. The lower portion of the sunroom walls is frequently solid. The upper portion of the porch is dedicated to window glass or bug screens.
  • Full wrap-around front porch- Any porch that completely wraps around the side of the home is said to have a full wraparound front porch. This porch may form a L or U shape around the front and side of the house. It usually fits in well with the home’s overall design and gives more floor space.
  • Entertainment front porch- Any porch can be transformed into an entertainment front porch. This variant comes with extras like a TV, outdoor kitchen, bar, hot tub, or gas fireplace. Some of the entertainment options can be mounted on the porch’s outdoor improvements.
  • Open-air front porch- Any form of covered porch can branch off into an open-air front porch. Other activities are possible on this connecting porch that is nearby. These can be activities that function better outside than indoors. A larger hot tub, an entertainment area with a fireplace, or a place to work out are a few examples of these activities.


The remodeling works in the following manner:


  •  A roll-off dumpster will be delivered to your home by our team. Your porch will start to be partially or completely demolished. If there is only a small amount of debris, a hauling service might be called.
  • The holes are first dug by the team. The footers’ concrete is then poured. The concrete footers have posts attached to them. The porch is supported by these posts as well as a ledger board on the house.
  • Workers attach beams and posts after the concrete has had time to set.
  • There is flooring. The flooring on your front porch may be made of exotic or composite wood. Installing sturdy, weatherproof flooring is often recommended unless this is a completely enclosed front porch.
  • If the front porch is screened, the railing and screen are installed. Typically, simply a railing is erected on an open porch. Semi-solid walls can be installed for front porches with more intricate designs.


Affordable screen porches in Barnesville

Your family and your living area can benefit from screen porches in a number of ways. With a screened porch, your family can take advantage of the warm weather without having to worry about outdoor pests ruining the day. Even some of these pests have the potential to transmit diseases to your family. Additionally, it protects against the glaring summer heat while allowing for a pleasant, cooling breeze, screened porches.


Screened porches expand the possibilities for entertaining in any weather. Your screened porch will become the spot guests want to hang out when they visit if it has stylish furnishings and décor. Family and friends will appreciate being able to eat outside, away from pesky insects.

Your home will feel larger thanks to the screened-in porch because it will be possible to take additional furniture outside to set up a new seating area. Another fantastic benefit of having a screened porch is natural illumination. All these features are available to you as we offer the best quality and affordable screen porches in Gaitherburg.

Affordable siding repair in Barnesville

No matter what caused your siding damage, Elegant Homes, the most well-liked and affordable siding repair in Barnesville, can replace or repair it. It is crucial to preserve the siding of your home since it acts as an armor against several threats such as wind, rain, cold temperatures, insects, and more. 


Elegant Homes siding repair specialists can restore your siding so that it can keep shielding your house from the elements. We can suggest replacement siding choices if your siding is beyond repair or has several damages. Never be reluctant to get out to us if you have damaged siding. We find solutions to all your siding problems like Split or Cracked Siding Panels, Siding Panels Are Missing, Faded or Discoloured Siding, Siding Panels With Holes, and Buildup of Mould or Mildew.

Make sure the siding is maintained, as you would with other important parts of your house. Many people believe siding should last a lifetime once it has been put. Undoubtedly, that is not the case. Your siding may be harmed by unforeseen events, but more often than not, damage to siding results from years of neglect.


Mold or mildew growth is one of the most typical problems. While siding is designed to keep moisture out, it also has to breathe because mold and mildew can develop if moisture penetrates past the barrier. It’s a good idea to check and clean the siding of your house at least once a year. Additionally, Elegant Homes offers after-services because we are the top choice for people looking for affordable siding repair in Barnesville.


Siding replacement in Barnesville

We offer professional siding replacement services if your siding needs more extensive repairs due to age, severe weather damage, wear and tear, energy efficiency issues, or aesthetic reasons. Call us or complete the free estimate form to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation examination and get professional advice on your problem as well as a thorough estimate with price and payment alternatives.

The number one choice for siding replacement in Barnesville is Elegant Homes with the most popular vinyl siding. Because vinyl siding is less expensive, requires less upkeep, and is available in many different shapes and colors, homeowners prefer it. 

A more recent choice on the market is composite siding. It is an engineered wood siding made of resin-coated wood fibers. This form of siding is preferred by homeowners because it has the same appearance as conventional wood siding, takes less upkeep than real wood siding, and is environmentally good because it is frequently constructed from recycled materials. The primary drawback of composite siding is its propensity for expansion and contraction in response to changes in humidity and temperature.

Elegant Homes also provides lap siding which is a classic style of siding that consists of long, narrow boards stacked horizontally over one another for siding replacement in Barnesville . It is the most commonly used style of siding as it is used to create a rustic, traditional look.

For a sleek, contemporary aesthetic for your home, install vertical siding, sometimes referred to as board and batten siding. This is a highly popular choice that is utilized as an accent siding design to offer your home a lovely contrast with horizontal lap siding.

In order to give your house a warm, rustic appearance, shake siding, also known as shingle siding, is a highly popular siding design. This kind of siding is typically found on cottages or traditional-style homes, or it can be used as an accent to horizontal lap siding to give your house a gorgeously textured look.

Affordable home additions garage in Barnesville

Everyone experiences a point in their lives when they believe they have outgrown their homes as homeowners. Adding a room to your house would be a wise remodeling choice. While it satisfies your needs and expands the space in your little home, it also raises the home’s market worth.  

With affordable home additions garage in Barnesville like Elegant Homes by your side, adding a garage to your current home or the home layout of your choice is easier than you might think. The choice to build the ideal garage becomes obvious when you consider that it can raise your property’s worth. Here are a handful of the alternatives we provide.

An existing home can gain finished living space through a home expansion. The majority of homeowners all want to add on at some point. 

A construction with more than one room that is directly accessible from the current home qualifies as a classic home addition. If the addition is properly constructed, taking into consideration the current home’s architectural features and design, it can seamlessly combine to become one large residence.


Any space, including a dining space, living room, guest bedroom, family room, bathroom, or even a master bedroom, may be included in the expansion. We will guide you step-by-step through the entire project. Making the process of adding a new room simple and pleasant, from the initial concept to the design to the construction.

You’ll spend a lot less time and money on additions because adding a tale is quicker than starting from scratch. Additionally, because the garage and other existing foundations have ample area to expand, adding on top of them makes sense. Any form of facility can be built, and it can even have access to the outside. 

The process of additions with our team starts with inspection. Foundations are crucial for every construction project. Our team will first ascertain the amount of weight it can support and the soundness of the foundation.

Building regulations will be followed strictly.

And a free estimate will be given. After the terms and conditions are signed we will customize your garage according to your liking at the maximum speed.

Kitchen remodeling companies in Barnesville

Discover the best Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler in Barnesville with Elegant Homes. 


In our Barnesville showroom, you’ll find an expert team ready to help you. Our team which specializes in kitchen remodeling will manage your project from beginning to end. We manage everything from inspections to materials and craftspeople. We provide a number of solutions to accommodate almost any kitchen budget. When we come out, we’ll provide a range of financing choices for kitchen remodeling and advise low-cost methods to keep the job within your means.

Our services include demolition, restoration, and building of a new kitchen. You can always choose the precise materials, and brands and we will customize accordingly. The kitchen layout and cabinet designs can be chosen according to your preferences.

Modernizing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective concept that significantly improves the look of your kitchen. Your cabinets can be upgraded to have a more contemporary appearance by simply changing the outdated handles, knobs, and pulls. To discover the cheapest prices you can visit our website.

Remodeling a kitchen involves a variety of factors, including the floor, the cabinets, the countertops, the appliances, the flooring, the accessories the plumbing, and the electrical. We provide services in all these areas.


We will help you achieve the aesthetic attributes you desire in your ideal kitchen as being the top kitchen remodeler in Barnesville.

The kitchen will be filled with brand-new fixtures and appliances after the project is finished. It is crucial to provide excellent customer service both throughout and after the procedure. We provide the best services throughout and after the remodeling process. We think that your kitchen cabinets should contribute to creating a haven that strikes the ideal balance between utility and atmosphere. 

Elegant Homes provides a wide selection of alternatives that may be tailored to your unique tastes and requirements by offering a variety of styles, materials, and finishes. We offer the best combination of style, variety, and price available. Modern and traditional homes, big and small, inside and out, are transformed by the distinctive collections. Customer happiness is what matters to us the most.


Bathroom remodel in Barnesville

We can provide custom-made beautiful bath liners without doing full demolition like other bathroom remodel contractors in Barnesville. Our liners are affordable for the look you are looking for. With our latest manufacturing technology, we can provide easy-to-clean and extremely durable bath liners. You can choose from a wide‌ variety of designs, patterns, and colors. It will satisfy your functional and safety requirements. We also provide the best warranties in the industry. 

Bathroom remodeling will be the least stressful for you. We offer flexible financing solutions in case of easily fitting remodels in the budget. If you are looking to convert tub to shower or shower to tub, Elegant Designs will help you. We provide the conversion at the fastest speed and within your budget. If you are someone who wants to set up your shower in such a way that you feel relaxed, we have that covered for you. The advantages of providing include long-term warranty and crack resistance.

Ready to get started? Our team is always ready to help.

A bathroom with mold and cracks will always make your mood bad. Our acrylic showers will help to stop mold growth. Cleaning them will not be a task.

Contact us today to get started with the services. We are the answer for bathroom contractors near me in Barnesville. Our 5-star rating evidences our continued dedication to providing a top-notch remodeling experience. A gorgeous new bathtub, which provides a completely novel approach to unwinding and relaxing can significantly change your lifestyle. The features of the bathtub we provide include beautiful contemporary designs with mold and mildew resistance.

If you have limited space for your bathroom, we always offer services for roll-in showers. We can make your home a more accessible place. 

Our team will collaborate with you to pick the ideal color, style, and extras that suit your requirements, preferences, and financial constraints. You don’t have to worry about bathroom remodel contractors near me in Barnesville when we are there.

Your bathroom offers a much-needed haven of privacy and seclusion in a world of busy lives and continual connectedness. We provide Elegant Wall Surrounds, Convenient Shower Bases, Built-in Shelves, and Custom-Fitted Shower Doors.

Additionally, designer hardware and accessories are also available. And every time, whether we’re hired to build a single shower enclosure or complete a bathroom redesign, our pleased customers receive the same level of care and knowledge!

We work with highly skilled employees who have undergone intensive business training and certification to give you the assurance you need. Even the simplest daily duties might become more difficult as you become older. Install one of our walk-in tubs in your home if you have problems bathing. We are the top bathroom contractors in Barnesville. Hydrotherapy is frequently available in senior baths to soothe achy muscles and joints.


Are you sick of gazing at the crumbling walls and chipped tiling in your bathroom? 

Are you constantly searching in google for bathroom remodeling contractors near me in Barnesville?

When that happens, it’s time to think about upgrading, and Elegant Homes provides the bath wall surrounds you need to make the most of your room. We are the best among bathroom remodel companies in Barnesville.

The cleanliness, comfort, and design of your bathroom are greatly influenced by the walls, and Elegant Homes will work with you to create stunning tub wall surrounds that will have a long-lasting effect on the value of your house. You can be sure to acquire bathtub wall surrounds that last the test of time with our cutting-edge products.


So we can say that elegant Homes are the number one solution to all your home remodelling worries. We offer high-quality products, professional installations, and complete solutions to ensure homeowners get the best value for their investment. We just don’t limit remodeling to a single area. You could find us, top service providers, when you are looking for affordable exterior trim repair in Barnesville, affordable deck repair in Barnesville, affordable new decks in Barnesville, affordable home front porch in Barnesville, affordable screen porches in Barnesville, affordable siding repair in Barnesville, siding replacement in Barnesville, affordable home additions garage in Barnesville, kitchen remodeling companies in Barnesville and bathroom remodel in Barnesville.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the Bathroom remodeling cost in Barnesville?

Bathroom remodeling cost in Barnesville, Maryland ranges from $5000 to $40000 depending on the size of your bathroom and the extent of your renovation.

How to do bathroom remodel in Barnesville?

You can contact the contractors who are licensed and are affordable with your budget

Do you want to hire professionals in small bathroom remodel in Barnesville?

You can do it on your own if you are confident enough. But it is always advisable to hire a professional for better service.