Affordable kitchen and bathroom remodel in Rockville

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Elegant Homes, Inc. is the best remodeling company which caters to the need of homes in Rockville, along with surrounding places in Maryland. We incorporate the latest technology and the best features in our services. Freshness and beauty are the two aspects with which we decorate your home to make it look elegant. Elegant Homes, Inc. Provides customer-centered and competent remodeling for homes in Rockville. We are very successful because of our customer-friendly pricing, regular communication with customers about their home renovation and on-time deliveries. We provide not only regular Handyman services but also provide handyman-quick services depending on the urgency of work. At Elegant Homes, Inc. our Design Team will transform your dreams into an insignia of your aesthetic sense.

Top choice among kitchen and bathroom remodel companies in Rockville

Home is the place where your soul lives. Elegant Homes, Inc. Home remodeling services are unmatched in the industry for our expertise in remodeling. If you are looking for passionate bathroom remodel contractors in Rockville, who dare to cross the limits of their creativity, Elegant Homes, Inc. is the one place where you find such superior craftsmanship. A remodeling experience with Elegant Homes, Inc. is as good as acquiring a new home. The remodeling teams take care of every small thing to remodel your home to perfection. The schedules are kept up from the start to the end of the project. The lead carpenters take care to inform the customers about present developments in your home remodeling. They also discuss future plans. Elegant Homes, inc. are insured and licensed as a reputed home remodeling company in Maryland. All employees abide by the in-house rules of conduct and treat the project at hand with utmost care and great creativity. This discipline is the secret of our success.

Contact Elegant Homes, Inc. and schedule an appointment for a home visit. These appointments will help the customer and the contractor to understand each other with regard to the home remodeling at Rockville and to make your home a happy place to live ever after. We welcome you to our family of happy customers.

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Services provided by our bathroom and kitchen remodel contractors in Rockville

Elegant Homes, Inc. Provides the following services at Rockville.

  • Remodeling of Kitchens and Bathrooms.
  • Bedroom remodeling
  • Repair and replacement of Sidings.
  • Repair of Fences.
  • Building Decks and repairing old Decks.
  • Installing affordable screen porches in Rockville
  • Affordable home additions garage in Rockville
  • Repair and installation of exterior trims.

We undertake exterior and interior lighting repairs and installation of Light Fixtures. Elegant Homes, Inc. Rockville can make your old home comfortable and elegant with our superior services. The various services provided are on par with the latest trends in home remodeling .

Affordable exterior trim repair in Rockville

Good exterior trim adds beauty to all homes. Exterior trims need to be tasteful to attract the attention of passers-by at Elegant Homes, Inc. We are proud to offer excellent trim services for homes in Rockville and surrounding areas in Maryland. The exterior appearance of a home is very important because it is visible to all. We at Elegant homes, Inc. will help you to get a fabulous exterior in Rockville which will be the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy. The services provided for exterior trims are very much affordable for the customers. Incredible comfortable homes are created by Elegant Homes, Inc. with state-of-the-Art remodeling services in Rockville. We remodel both small and large homes to perfection. The design specialists work with you to understand your needs and your budget constraints to give affordable quotes for your rebuilding requirements.

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Affordable new decks in Rockville

A deck is an outdoor addition to a home to increase usable space. It is an extension of the interior to the exterior of a home. The Deck requires constant maintenance due to climatic conditions which causes the peeling of paint and rotting of wood. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides affordable services to maintain Decks, attend to repairs, Deck painting, Finishing and power washing. A clean deck with fresh colors creates an excellent place for enjoyment and relaxation. We rebuild small as well as large Decks. The remodeling of the Deck can be done with scientifically treated yellow pine wood or with C-select Pinewood. These Pine decks are very appealing and enhance the beauty of a home. Best warranties are given for products for the upkeep of Decks for a longer period by increasing their durability with prompt maintenance services.

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Affordable home front porch in Rockville

Front Porches add grace to your home. Outdoor Porches offer innovative solutions for a home. We are specialists in Porch installations and repairs at an affordable price. Call to set up a consultation for a home visit to take measurements of the premise’s installation time and costs depending on size and scope of work. On completion of work, a walk-through will be scheduled to check if any issue is left unattended.

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Affordable screen porches in Rockville

Screen porches or Screen rooms are structures constructed on the exterior of a home. The Screen Porches are for enjoying outdoor beauty, the backyard and the cool swimming pool. Many houses have Screen Porches to include outdoor living in daily life. A Screen porch can be used as a second family room. These Porches have multipurpose utilities like spending quality time with family or hosting friends. Elegant Homes, Inc. can remodel this unique entertainment area for your enjoyment in the exterior of your home in Rockville. Our technicians can install a flexible, covered and open entertainment area. This is done with screened-in Porches with an exposed Deck or a stamped concrete Patio. We provide a roof tie-in to screened-in Porches and Sunrooms. Elegant homes, Inc. provides suitable designs and materials in attractive colors to rebuild these porches. The level of detailed trim options and electric requirements determine the cost.

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Affordable siding repair in Rockville

Siding and Cladding protect the inside of a home and protect from many climatic hazards. They also amplify the look of a home. Elegant Homes, Inc. home improvement specialists provide top-notch siding replacement in Rockville. We offer a broad range of styles, good materials and superior installation techniques. Your safety is our priority. We provide natural, non-toxic siding that is designed to withstand surrounding natural climatic changes.

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Options of siding replacement in Rockville


We provide Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is easy to maintain. It is also called Vinyl Siding and is light in weight. It costs less and can be used in low-cost remodeling of Sidings.


We offer scientifically advanced Engineered Wood Siding, which has the rich look of Cedar. It is durable, weather resistant, does not rot or crack, and is Termite resistant. It need not be painted. Fiber cement can be used to look like wood which can be considered an alternative for wood Siding.


Siding made from Brick or stone protects the home from rough weather. They provide sound reduction and energy efficiency. It is expensive to make these Sidings, but they give great value in the long run.

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Elegant homes, Inc. Also provides Aluminum Sidings which are weather, water and fireproof, Termite resistant, do not corrode or rot and have a good insulating properties and great durability. Aluminum Siding costs more than Steel Siding. But because of numerous advantages, this siding is preferred to another siding by customers.

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Elegant Homes, Inc. offers steel siding in Rockville for home rebuilding. These Sidings are rust-proof, Termite resistant, durable, do not crack or chip, resist peeling, blistering, or warping and are maintenance-free. These sidings are available in fashionable styles and a variety of colors. We also offer Seamless Steel Siding, Which is custom-fit and maintenance-free. These Sidings look elegant and add beauty to any home. These Sidings are the latest in architectural design.

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Affordable home additions garage in Rockville

Apart from the shelter for a vehicle, Garages have numerous utility purposes. Affordable home additions garage in Rockville is one way to add space to your home. We provide shelves in these Garages to store articles which are rarely used. Outdoor equipment can also be stored in these Garages. The value of a house gets enhanced by additional Garages. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides quality services for adding garages for homes in Rockville. We provide detached Garages with space for three cars. An 8/12-pitch roof with an attic space is included in the price of three-car garages. The three Garage plan comes with the purchase of a garage. A non-refundable deposit is mandatory to book an order. This deposit will be applied to the building upon purchase.

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Top kitchen remodeler in Rockville

After using a kitchen for a long time, either you want a new look by remodeling it or prefer to repair it. The Kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It is the most important room in a home. By rebuilding a Kitchen, it can be made as good as new. Elegant Homes, Inc. has expert craftsmen who pride themselves on fine detailing and good customer service while remodeling kitchens. Our Kitchen Design center will be a perfect place to look and find personalized solutions for remodeling your Kitchen. Our stunning showroom has multiple options for Kitchen remodeling with simple designs and elegant lighting systems. To discuss your Kitchen remodeling plans, look for the best kitchen remodeling near me in Rockville, and check out the services they provide.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen Islands are needed more in smaller kitchens for additional storage. A Kitchen Island can be used as a small dining area, to work with juicers and grinders, and cutting vegetables and fruits on a cutting board. Our workmen refinish the Islands to perfection. Mobile Kitchen carts are offered for small kitchens.

Our kitchen remodeling companies in Rockville also handle jobs like Drywall, Carpentry, Painting, and other services to make your Kitchen attractive and functional. Elegant Homes, Inc. also provides services for backlashes cabinets, painting of Cabinet Hardware, installation of new countertops, and repair of old countertops and new faucets.

Time taken for the installation:1-2 days.

Installation and repair of kitchen countertops

Being one of the most reputed kitchen remodeling companies in Rockville, we supply Countertops which are durable, impact and heat resistant, repel water and humidity, and easy to clean. We supply top-of-the-line Countertops in nice colors and textures to beautify your Kitchen. We offer Quartz, Marble, and Granite countertops, all of which are durable and aesthetic. The workmen with a lot of experience and expertise ensure proper installation of the CounterTops.

Installation time : 3-4 days.

Installation of kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are much needed in a Kitchen for storage purposes. Without cabinets it is not possible to organize a KitchenElegant Homes, Inc. provides services for the cabinet makeover by installing new doors, hinges, drawers, cabinet fronts, knobs, pulls, pull-out shelves, and other storage options. Additional cabinets can also be provided to increase the utility value of your Kitchen.

Installation time : 3-5 days.

Repairing kitchen backsplash installations

If you need Kitchen Backsplash repairs in Rockville, only Elegant homes, Inc. Can provide the best services. Backsplashes prevent water, grease, and others from damaging the wall, and we provide unique colors and designs to customize your Kitchen Backsplashes. Glass Kitchen Backsplashes cost less and are aesthetically pleasing. They last more than Tile Backsplashes
and are easy to maintain.

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Installation and repair of light fixtures in Rockville

Elegant homes, Inc. provides services for Deck Lights, LED Lamps and Bulbs, Path Lights, and much more. Proper lighting gives a warm glow to your home. We have specialists who can suggest attractive Light Fixtures for your home. A house should be artistically lit up to project its beauty. We provide fixtures which are in energy saving designs and are provided with long Warranties.

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Bathroom contractors near me in Rockville

At Elegant Homes, Inc., the design team has more than thirty years of experience in remodeling Traditional and Modern Bathrooms. For small bathroom remodel in Rockville, our experts are skilled to handle every bit in such a way that it looks spacious and becomes highly functional. Licensed and insured, Elegant Homes, Inc. is competent enough to remodel old Bathrooms. We fix minor leaks and remove Caulking and Grout. Our bathroom contractors in Rockville cover all aspects to make your bathroom as good as new. We also offer the following service.
Repair or replace broken and stained Countertops with new ones in beautiful colors and textures. Small breakages and cracks are repaired with great care so that the repair work is not visible and blends with the other decor.

Repair and replace bathroom fans and fixtures

Bathrooms are the place where you de-stress and relax under a warm shower. It is a place to unwind, lying in warm water in a sparklingly clean Bathtub. Every gadget and fixture in a bathroom should be spick and span and have efficient functionality. After prolonged use, fans and fixtures catch dust and grime and become dirty. They need to be cleaned regularly or replaced when spoiled. All these issues are taken care of by elegant Homes remodeling services. Our design experts can make your bathroom look elegant and new by attending to all these issues with expertise.

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Fixing leaks in plumbing

Leaks in plumbing damage walls and fixtures in a Bathroom. The walls look dirty with the water leak Patches and may even grow Molds. With dampness, the bathroom also smells bad. The plumbing experts at Elegant Homes, inc. can do a great job in fixing these leaks in plumbing. They can make your Bathroom walls look new and fresh by repairing and stopping leaks and painting dirty walls.

Caulking services

It is a pleasure to relax in a bathtub filled with warm water after a day’s strenuous work. A clean and neat Bath tub gives soothing comfort to your tired body. Bathtubs with damaged Caulking allows water to seep behind walls and even seep into the floors beneath. This seepage will damage wooden fixtures. With our expert Caulking services and specialized methods, we can fix the caulking and stop water seepage. We can also remove stains from your Bathtub and make it look good.

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Repair and installation of shower doors

Elegant Homes, Inc. Provides expert services to shower doors that leak water off their tracks and hinges. These leaks spoil the door and also wet the floor of the bathroom. We provide suitable solutions and install modern Bathroom vanities to add beauty to your bathroom. Modern gadgets will showcase your fine taste.

Installation and repair of tiles

The bathroom looks bad with broken Tiles. They need to be repaired or replaced immediately because through the breakages water may leak to other places. The chipped floor tiles and the shower backsplashes cause great damage to bathrooms. Elegant Homes, Inc. provides services to restore the beauty of your bathroom by changing the tiles. Our bathroom remodel contractors in Rockville will use ceramic Tiles, Stone Tiles, Glass Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, or any other tiles of your choice that can be used to replace the broken tiles or lay all new tiles.

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Installation and repairs of toilets

We provide services to replace old toilets with new units. we also repair the existing toilets and give them a decent look.

Drywall repairs and installation

Elegant Homes, Inc. provides professional services for Drywall repairs, Drywall Installation, Drywall patching, Plastering, Painting, and Prep finishing. Bathroom walls get damaged because of moisture caused by plumbing leaks. We repair the Wallboards carefully so that they blend with the decor.

Small bathroom remodel in Rockville

Elegant homes, inc. has expert teams to rebuild small Bathrooms and create more space. We provide simple, aesthetically designed fixtures that make small Bathrooms spacious. The design makes the bathroom look spacious though no extra space is added to it.


Costing is a very important aspect of remodeling a home. We provide affordable remodeling services to our customers. There are many alternatives to pricing because every project is unique in its own way with ever-changing requirements and long cherished dreams of the customer. Elegant Homes, inc. Provides three different pricing options based on the specifications and requirements of the customer. Request a free estimate for your particular rebuilding of your dream home. Call us at 301-504-6697.

Framework for pricing in Rockville

Elegant homes inc. estimates the total bathroom renovation cost in Rockville for materials provided and the labor charges. Our costs are affordable and reasonably calculated to suit the needs of our customers. If materials are supplied by us, we give a twelve-month warranty.If a customer provides the material, we charge only labor without warranty for materials. payments through Credit cards are accepted. Credit card payments on the phone are also accepted. We help our customers to choose the mode of payment which suits them comfortably.


Owning a home is a great achievement in life. But owning a beautiful, luxurious home is a privilege for a few. Whichever kind of home you own, a home with no repairs is a blessing. We at Elegant Homes, Inc. Provide the best services to keep your home beautiful and with fewer repairs from time to time. We offer affordable remodeling services followed by timely maintenance. When repairs occur, customers often get depressed and frustrated with frequent expenses. They decide to undertake repairs on their own to reduce expenditure on hiring services. But there is no assurance your repairs will be good because you lack experience. Employing a service.

The contractor will help you in solving your issues efficiently and on time. With long warranties provided by the service provider, you can always go back to them if the repairs frequently occur during the warranty period. In the long run, hiring a professional service provider will be beneficial. There is added security in hiring a handyman service for seamless repairs and remodeling of your home. These handymen are experts in their own field and can complete the task with ease. Services like roof cleaning and pressure washing, and replacements can be risky if you don’t have experience in doing such things. They May also cause serious injuries. A skilled handyman does not get injured while doing these chores because of his years of experience. Moreover, home repair and rebuilding agencies have greater exposure to the latest innovations and modern gadgets. They can follow various innovative measures in providing good and efficient home remodeling services to the customer. Engage a home renovating service for Elegant homes, Inc. And enjoy remodeling your dream home to have a comfortable living.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a kitchen or bathroom remodel typically take?

The timeline for a kitchen or bathroom remodel can vary depending on the scope of the project. A minor remodel could take a few weeks to complete, while a major remodel could take several months. It is important to discuss the timeline with your kitchen or bathroom contractors in Rockville or professional and factor in any unexpected delays or issues that may arise.

What materials are best for kitchen or bathroom countertops?

There are many materials to choose from for kitchen or bathroom countertops, including granite, marble, quartz, and laminate. Each material has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to consider factors such as durability, maintenance, and cost when making a decision.

What should I consider when choosing kitchen or bathroom cabinets?

When choosing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you should consider factors such as the style and design, the materials used, and the overall functionality of the cabinets. You should also think about the storage needs and organization of the space, as well as the budget for the project.

How can I maximize storage in my Kitchen or bathroom remodel in Rockville?

There are many ways to maximize storage in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. This can include adding shelves or cabinets, utilizing space-saving organizers, and installing built-in storage solutions such as pull-out drawers. It’s important to consider your storage needs and the overall functionality of the space when making decisions about storage solutions.

Should I hire kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors near me in Rockville, or can I do it myself?

It depends on your skill level and experience with remodeling projects. While some people may be able to successfully complete a kitchen or bathroom remodel on their own, others may require the expertise of kitchen and bathroom remodel contractors in Rockville. It’s important to weigh the cost savings of a DIY project against the potential risks and issues that may arise without professional guidance.

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